Youth vs. Time

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           I assure you that the most fun part about this article will be the ‘vs’ between youth and time. Everything else will be a mixture of me drinking coffee, trying to avoid work, and failing at life in general. You have been warned. 

You’re still here. Wao. You’re jobless-er than I am. By the First Law of Indian Stereotypes, that must mean you watch a lot of movies. By the Second Law of Indian Stereotypes that must mean you watch English movies because dats kewl. Then you must’ve watched James Bond. It’s a good franchise.Go watch it, you time-waster. Anyway, in Bond flick Skyfall, this happened:

ManChildQ: “Age is no guarantee of efficiency”

SexyCraigBond: “And youth is no guarantee of innovation” 

After I was done drooling (I’m a straight guy, by the way), it led to some rather thought provoking ideas. The quantum of rationality in any age related debate was summed up in those two simple lines. So many times that I’ve been spoken to about the ‘prime of human lives' being in our 30s, I never quite understood the definition of prime, since none of Stan Lee, Narendra Modi, Bryan Cranston, Hugh Hefner, or any one of the Avengers stars is in their 30s, and they don’t seem any close to being composite yet. #MathJoke 

Which one is better, then? Youth? Experience? Which is more ‘important’? The young buck learning and implementing fast, or the old horse using all the worldly wisdom to improve a process?  I, for one, think we couldn’t do without either. I genuinely would NOT want Justin Beiber as Iron Man, or Ben Kingsley as the Flash. In a more realistic scene, say an office, if you separate the young and the old, all you get is a young man who doesn’t know what a set square is and an old man who doesn’t know how Excel works. They each bring a variety of aspects to the table, and we could do with both. No need to go about choosing sides. I loved both Bale and Affleck.

It does seem pertinent to talk about the Conservatism and Modernity issue that accompanies. I mean I don’t want someone telling me shaking hands with girls is a sin, and I’m sure an elder wouldn’t appreciate being told their kurta-pyjama is so yesterday. Which again drives me to the conclusion of moderation. I think moderation gave birth to those fancy kurtas that fit everyone but me. I digress. Fact remains, that too much of anything is bad. And I, personally, think that everyone can just stop considering age as a parameter and simply let everyone be useful in their own ways.

Conservatism vs Modernity


Be that as it may, multiple references through life led me to infer a crude yet practical meaning of prime: useful to yourself and others in general. Meaning that you’re in your prime for as long as you’re hellbent on not giving up. Which sounds kinda cool, because that means your dad doesn’t have to sit aside while you play CoD because “he is too old for this shit”, but that he can slay you at it too! Stephen Hawking is still making groundbreaking discoveries in the field of physics-I-don’t-understand, the Avengers are still kicking ass,  Ezra Miller seems to be doing a fine job of prepping to be the next Flash, and young Brian May was amazing in Queen and older him as an astrophysicist on the mission to Pluto. I really couldn’t choose an age-group even if I wanted to. I don’t think you should either. 

Sketch By: Tejo Guna