You Took A Swing, I Took It Hard

In & Out



          I’m not great with relationship advice. So here’s some awkward humour and mostly sarcastic comments.

Broken hearts and failed dreams, we’ve all had a few at some point in our lives. There have always been people who have kept us awake till three in the night, made us hug our pillows a little tighter, and made us drench our sheets in tears. We thought we’d never be okay, never be completely fixed. We wrote a lot of sappy poems, heard a lot of sappy songs, and went through the same cycle that we’ve seen on hundreds of television shows and in thousands of films. Yet, we lived to fight again. 

We look for some sort of closure – some argument that ends in abuses hurled at each other.

But really, what makes us move on? The ice-cream tub. The dark old monk. 8 whole seasons of 13 episodes each. The long lost exes, we suddenly called to hook up with. I don’t think we care, but in time we successfully got our shit back together and everything just clicked— thinking about that one person doesn’t hurt so much anymore, soon it is just going be another story, and a lot later we’ll even begin to forget what that person looks like. Poof! I wish I could be more sappy right here but sorry, your selfish ass will forget. There are lots of Facebook pages that are far from this reality. They write tiny tales to oversell the concept of love, and most of them end up being terrible. Apparently, they convey deep feelings, but frankly they are the emotional equivalents of a middle school romance which lasts a year, and inevitably ends when the girl realises she is dating a dolt, and tries to climb the social ladder by dating the jock.

Sweet relationships


I have always been amazed by the chicken and the egg question— what came first? What inspired what? Was it real relationships that inspired the ones on reel, or was it the ones on reel that set the clichéd tones for the real life ones? I mean do you really need to move within the ruts of chocolates and roses. Do you really need to bleed on paper. And then do you need to breakdown, fall apart and what-not. Hell, do you even need to be in a damned relationship anyway.

Ok enough ranting. Look I think relationships are sweet, really. But there never is one perfect love. Forget about the ones lost and forget about those scars. Forget him. Forget her. It all sounds very fancy when people say stuff like, ‘I’m haunted by the ghost of her memory’, but dude that’s not cool. It sounds creepy as hell. Exorcise yourself. Find the next one who genuinely cares enough to fix your faults, and leave the rest to your stars. What? Falling in love sounds too dry without the flowers and butterflies? Well…

Photography By: Dikshit Sharma