The Problem Of The Yellow Woods

Food for Thought

yellow woods


                  We have no yellow wood before us, well at least not all of us. But we are spoilt for choices. So the question arises which one should we take? For these seem almost exactly the same and no matter of palm reading can help us decide the best way to the future.

The fact is, even we have no clue about what we want, at least not completely. Uncertainty is something we have got to learn to live with. So then, is there no way we can know for certain whether we will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Apparently, some have come up with the answer and according to them there is no other way to success other than hard work, or so they say. Yes, we have built a system around us that compliments hard work, but that does not define us. Are there cheat codes in life? Sure, maybe… I don’t know. I guess it depends on how you define successBut are we just a bunch of nomads chasing after the fire, just because it seems to burn the brightest? Well, technically only fires can burn, but you get the point, right?

hard work

We are much more than the richest man on earth, the hardest worker, the selfless monk… We are a bunch of drunk madmen who dance to different tunes. And that is not a bad thing, despite of what you might have heard before. After all what is the use of having a consciousness, if we end up just following the leader who might be blind in the first place and is eventually going to take the whole herd to the edge of the cliff for us to topple over and fall into the depths of abyss?

Of course, being selfless, rich or hard-working are not useless traits, but if we confine ourselves to them, we might as well be nothing more than computers doing what we are programmed to do. To assert our freedom and to wake up, we need this constant flow of chaos that will show us different paths to different homes. But it will be home for us all the same.

Because, you see it is only in the chaos
That the tiny seed of idea finds your garden
Eventually growing into a tree
That would bear the fruits
Tasting of delight and happiness.