Why Do I Want To Get Ragged And Why You Should Too

Food for Thought



Disclaimer: The contents of the following article may be offending and may initiate a chain of painful memories in selected people. However, anyone with a sense of humour will pardon me. Um, well sorry but IDGAF!

So I’ve watched the movies and also read stories. Ragging is a crime indeed. Lives have been ruined and people have been slaughtered. But to someone who hasn’t had the experience of ragging or being ragged, it will only stay an imagination.

I have heard of stories where there are dance and karaoke sessions, light-hearted teasing, and immense fun. The bond shared by the juniors and seniors at that point was indeed said to be overwhelming. Alas! I’d never know and lucky are those who do.

The film three idiots had both critics and the audience in splits. On the other hand Table No. 21, a serious and critical movie displaying the dark side of ragging, failed to make a lasting impact. This clearly shows that ragging is definitely a misused word like love, truth etc. All have a dark side to them.


After digging into the concept of ragging I came to know that it somehow evolved from the word ‘nagging’ and somewhere down the line fused with ‘rage’. But the truth it has been essentially just a concept for freshmen to know their seniors in an unconventional and informal way. We are all social beings after all and I can see clearly that we have come to a point where we dis each other and so, I believe subtle forms of ragging will aid in establishing a connection which is much needed for success. Experience and knowledge both are worth being shared.

All I intend to say that if a senior asks you to jive for a few seconds or sing his favorite song in a rat’s voice, I wouldn’t find it a violation of privacy at all, as long as your undergarments are not put on trial along with the karaoke session. A light-hearted nagging is all we need to establish a funny yet solid contact and make the most of the seemingly derogatory connections. Free booze too? Oh, come on! I wouldn’t in my right mind refuse that now!

Seniors though are requested not to go overboard and fuse creativity into the subject. That induction coil scene in 3 idiots seemed too darn painful to me, but the “Jahapana Tussi great ho” was amazing.

Disclaimer: Don’t track me down and kill me after concluding that I’m promoting ragging and sparking an unrequited revolution. Just relax. I’m just sparking some fun and frolic into a dissented aspect of college life.

Well, the comments section is open for you to nag me!

Photography By: Sarthak Dubey