What NOT To Do This Valentine’s

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Valentine's Day


Love is in the air. It’s getting too hard to breathe… ugh… *cough* *cough*.

Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year. Valentine’s day has been subjected to many, many forms of public entertainment sacraments. Well, “sacrament” isn’t particularly the word I’m looking for, but many people are already convinced that their love is, umm, pure to the best.

I am obnoxious to the fact of doing something really clichéd this Valentine’s. Unless it’s an Eric Clapton mixtape. I love Eric Clapton. Clichés! I loathe them on occasions like these. Let us take a look at all the affairs one should avoid during this year’s (2015) Valentine’s day, for the betterment of the society and to induce some classiness in your relationship(s).

Ladies and gentlemen, what not to do this Valentine’s day:

50 Shades Of Grey

Valentine's Day


This idea is the worst of them all. No 50-Shades-of-Grey for Valentine’s. Have you no love for your partner at all? Like, at all? If your girlfriend thinks that both of you MUST watch the movie because the book was AMAZING then trust me, get a new girlfriend. It will be more AMAZING than ever! All the boyfriends supporting the movie, girls, this is the time when you ought to think what’s wrong with your guy.

This is not a typical ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ type of romantic-comedy. I mean, this movie is the epitome of an example which depicts the destruction of a relationship between a naïve student and a delirious businessman.

Seriously, buy a premium account at Brazzers and enjoy every aspect of the movie sitting at home. And even more!

If it was a joint decision to watch this movie on 14th, then please go ahead. You both deserve each other.

The McDonald's Treatment

Valentine's Day

She won’t be loving it at all, trust me. Believe it or not, the majority of the ‘coupled’ crowd indulge themselves in the ‘mohmaya’ of fast-food chains. I know burgers and pizzas are yummy, but the ambience of these places is a colossal turnoff.

The crowd, the noise, the “other” couples… ugh… it’s such a hassle. Stay at home with your loved ones. And if you really want to dine special then try to cook food with your valentine! ‘Ek saath khana pakane se pyaar badhta hai’.

Rest assured, what’s more romantic than a quiet sit-down dinner at home?

I also recommend going out on a food tour through the streets. Paani-puri has always been symbolic to budding new relationships.

Bar-red From Fun

Valentine's Day

Nightclubs and discotheques are filled with people. Since 14th is a Sunday, the crowd will be overwhelming. Surprisingly, the majority of the people visiting such places are single and most probably looking for a relationship. Or a one night stand. Your partners will get hit upon - no doubt about that.

Isn’t Valentine’s day about doing something different?

I feel that getting drunk and partying has become the ‘every weekend’ business when one is in college. And to think more about it, late night parties can be a security concern as well. 

Be responsible and drive safe. That’s the biggest gift you can give to your bae.

The Not So Cool Bae

Valentine's Day

I shouldn’t have used the word “Bae” before. To come to think of it, what happened to the word boyfriend or girlfriend? Everything seems so “Bae” right now. Trust me, calling your partner ‘bae’ is not cool, at all. 

And the most embarrassing thing is making public posts on each other’s Facebook walls. And usually the content of these posts is too personal.

Get a room, please! We don’t want to know what you did with your “Bae” on certain something occasion. 

PS: Secretly, we do get entertained by such posts, so keep ‘em coming.

Valentine’s day can be a serious business if you make it so! I have so many things to recommend that can be accomplished with pure class. But this is a day about you - Your love, your commitments and your heart, so plan something which defines YOU and not something you saw in the FRIENDS sitcom. 

For the guys, making a mixtape for her is still in fashion. Perk up her taste in songs maybe? Girls, you can pull off anything and that too with chic. Guys accept anything given to us. That’s how sweet we are.

I’d like to thank my dearest friend Rhea Mathew who guided me with her insights even when the path seemed dark and obnoxious. Thanks for helping me with this article! You are the sweetest.

Happy Valentine’s Day people!