What Did You Pick Up At College?

In & Out



                  George went to college to study engineering and now, after four years, he knows how to make a thick joint perfectly. There is also Martin, who went with George, who now suddenly has grown a pair of balls big enough, to ask a stranger out for a dance and the same goes for Ella, who can take seven consecutive shots of Smirnoff and still is able to stand erect and dance without worrying about her safety. 

Unquestionably, they have graduated. They hold a degree like everyone else. But they have also picked up valuable or rather invaluable skills that come in handy. College, for many, is like a road that lies between childhood and being an adult. And like many roads, there are things we leave and there are things we pick up.

It is where Daft punk makes more sense than Richard Feynman giving a lecture on physics. Grass begins to have two meanings and often when one says ‘Grass’, or even ‘weed’, it ends up being just a gardening term. Beer begins to replace Pepsi. Saturday nights have become something more than just that characters get to experience on American Sitcoms. Pizza becomes a sort of a staple diet. One soon learns to talk about ‘porn’ openly, unlike back in school where it was supposed to be a secret. Boys notice tight dresses rather than a pair of new earrings on a girl. Girls learn that a little seduction doesn’t make them a slut as they were told by the big, bad adults of the world. Nights and days lose their boundaries, and sometimes it is hard to differentiate one from the other.




Experimenting with different ‘stuff’ becomes a trend. Cigarettes, beer, ganja, LSD… you name it. And in some cases, even hard drugs become available. Our judgment becomes the final verdict as exploding hormones and puberty convince us that we are indeed invincible. 

College becomes a life simulator where everyone can have multiple trial runs until each one finds the perfect pattern to deal with life. Road trips become a possibility, hiking becomes a fad.

There are also some who prefer to stay away from all the chaos that college has to offer. They treat it as a test. They remain focussed, determined and ever ready to take up a heap of projects, assignments. And then there some who are capable, and do both. 

Irrespective of the ‘trip’ one has at college, one tends to pick up these things and depending on his choice, he chooses one road or the other. 

Hoping that, they won’t come to a point of regret. 

And even if they do, they actually don’t.

College becomes just a fond memory

Like a yesterday that promised tomorrow

And delivered it too.