We All Become What We Pretend To Be

Food for Thought



                        As humans, we’re attending a masquerade ball every single day without even realising it, and it’s been getting better as the years go by. The dresses are becoming fancier; language is being used properly to not give oneself away and most importantly – the masks are starting to become more and more intricate with each sunrise and sunset.

We are quite the pretentious lot, just to look “cooler” when actually it’s quite the opposite that ends up happening. We put on our fake exteriors and roam around on the world, trying to project the image of an individual that the world would like and accept. This is exactly why I know a lot of people who share articles like “10 reasons why you shouldn’t judge someone” or “Judgmental Jackasses” when in real life, they do just that – they judge someone on the basis of the brand of their clothes (what?) or how they dress up in general; their choice of music, hobbies etc. How about I give you a million reasons as to why you should accept the fact that you are a self-appointed judge yourself, and that you should do something about it instead of pretending as if that side isn’t there to you at all?

That is exactly where the crux of this matter lies. Falsity wins over introspection. No one wants to do some soul-searching; wearing a cloak made of trickery and lies is the way to go as it is the easier one, because we were all born to be Pinnochios just to achieve societal approval.

The fact that someone says, “I don’t give a fuck” kind of translates to “Who the fuck do you think you are, dressing up like that or posting about it”. It is rather ironical, how such hidden meanings are not really shielded away. If you didn’t give a fuck, you wouldn’t mention it. But you are, which implies that you’re judging someone for posting something or indulging in an activity which you don’t like. You want to judge, go ahead, but then don’t go around acting like a pretentious prick and convincing everyone around that you don’t judge; maybe you could convert all of that deceptive energy into an introspective kind.



The problem is that nowadays, everyone is succumbing to the “standards” set by the people around us. Let’s say ABC is a highly emotional person. If he/she decides to have a random outburst in public, everyone will look at him/her and shell out names like “sissy” or “whiny little pig” for them. To avoid that, ABC will keep the emotions inside, resulting in an imbalance of the mind.

NO. If you want to cry, do so and cry out loud. By not crying, you’re not “being cool”; in fact, you’re making the pent up emotions inside of you much hotter and volatile. If you drink just so that people don’t call you “boring”, then you’re committing the cardinal sin of lying to your own self.

In many ways, we’re very much like the previous generation(s) (if not worse); the only difference being that we pretend like there is no similarity at all, by building a façade around ourselves. Let me give you a small example. My friend once told me about how her mother was hyperventilating before her boards’ results came out, and how the former was pretending to not care at all just to look “calm and collected”. We are better actors, that’s what it is.

Why? I know, these are small things, but these are what develop into the adult versions. Highly sensitive and emotional people are frowned upon for whatever reason, I don’t really care. What I do care about is how people are starting to not be true to themselves so that they appear to be “awesome” and “strong”.

You’re a fake person, that’s what you are, if you’re sitting and trying to convince your own self, about facets of your personality which don’t really exist.

To screen a fake premiere of “Having Everything Sorted” might be a blockbuster with the audience, but deep down, even you know that it is a big flop. Nobody is perfect. It is alright to be raw; honesty towards oneself should be stressed upon until it enters into everyone’s minds.

If you’re not able to do something, it’s okay to ask for help; no one will eat you up for doing so. No one can be on the top of their game all the time. Cut some slack for everyone and most importantly, for yourself. If you see a glint of injustice, point it out without the fear of being called a “loser”. If you want to jump to unfair conclusions about someone by just one glance or some shitty rumour, don’t pretend to sugarcoat stuff. Go ahead and jump, but do keep this in mind – Instead of being a bitch or an ass, you could probably be like a snake and shed the counterfeit skin to reveal a better person hidden under all that bogus and fraud attitude. Being pretentious is not only detrimental to one’s mental health, it also is one of the humanity’s many vices.

If you like Honey Singh’s songs, there’s no harm at all. Play it as loud as you can. If you don’t want to smoke or drink, don’t! Exams are coming up and you want to hyperventilate to let it all out? Go ahead! Not venting or displaying our real feelings and thoughts are the sad reminders of how the pearly-white virtues like honesty are being tarnished by the stereotyped grease created by the societal voices. If you want to give a fuck, then don’t act like you don’t want to and worry about why you want to do so.

The masquerade ball can stop whenever we want it to. Is it better to stare at your concealed version in the mirror and the others’ disguised look, or do you want to gaze into eyes blazing genuinely and lips singing frank tunes? Think about it, and yes, now this is something you should give a fuck about.

Photography By: Kashmira Sequeira