Unlikely Love: Stroke Of Luck And Chance At A Subway




           She stood there trying to tie her hair, and with every failed attempt I succumbed to her elegance even more. Her expressions, priceless.

It had been a long day at work and I wanted my sandwich, not in my hand but in my belly. Work was tough in the lab and I was way too much happy to be standing second in line to place my order. Ten minutes later I was still second in line; the girl in front of me was having a midlife crisis on choosing the sauce for her sub. And boy, did I lose my cool.

The food was really hot indeed and she bit into a substantial part. The next five minutes she was trying to blow off the heat by making a fish face. A new day at work and it’s not getting easy at all. To top that off with the tantrums I have to deal with standing next to her in line. I was really at my boiling point and then all I remember is that she was crying because of something I said. A really dick move from my part and to say the truth, I had not felt so embarrassed or guilty in a long time.

She loves cats. I see her picking one up with the utmost care and caressing its forehead. Maybe for the first time in my life I wanted to be a cat.

I sat next to her this time to offer my apologies. She didn’t say a word for a long time so I just went on to say that I was sorry about a while ago. And trust me, it took a lot out of me because after she made this ‘puppy’ face and said that she really doesn’t know which sauce to choose with the respective toppings, I was literally amused by her antics after all. Maybe she really is a specimen to reckon with.


She sleeps like a baby. I can smell the fragrance of orchids coming from her hair, brushing against my shoulders. Her soft breath and the occasional sleep talking calms me and gives me hope for a carefree tomorrow. It has been a week since that grave incident had occurred. These days we usually hang around after office hours as the fundamentals of our work are astutely different. Zeba rides a scooter but I guess my life is worth a bit more than dying in a clumsy bike accident. She has always failed to convince me but this time, she succeeded. I found myself weaving through the traffic of Hyderabad and that too with an added panache.

She curls her hair with her fingers while her mascara blotches with the sorrow in her eyes. The news of my departure has saddened her. She puts her moist hand on my cheeks and with an exceptional certainty she says …

Love happens in the most unlikely places and for me it was at Subway, while helping a girl to decide which sauce she’d like. This could be the most random setting for anyone to meet but I’m proud of the fact that this is my own fortunate stroke of serendipity.

I’ll always love you …

Photography By: Ved Dubhashi