To Walk Away Or Not

Food for Thought

Broken Relationships

So, it’s a regular morning. You woke up before the alarm rang - they’re still asleep, waiting peacefully. The alarm hasn’t made up its mind yet, and you’re just reflecting on the past night’s events. Just another day you celebrated and declared love for your significant other, and they were just too busy upgrading their Facebook status. You hate competing for their attention, so now you’ve just stopped arguing altogether.

“Bae, I’m feeling sick.” “Baby, would you get me something to eat on your way home?” “Could you pick up pizza tonight? Thanks, babe, you’re the best.” Somehow, it feels like all you ever do is pick for them, pamper them, look after them, and make their day… what for? What do you get in the end? It’s a pain. This continuous cycle of just going about and trying to make it all fit and work and click, why? Why even bother? The effort gets as real as it can.

Everybody says you’ve changed, of course you have. It is a part of every relationship, right? Compromise? Sadly, the truth is you’re the only one who did that. You withered away to someone you didn’t even recognise. And what for?

Broken relationships

It seems like you can’t do anything right anymore. Everything is about them and never about you. Good moments don’t seem to mean what they used to anymore. You can’t seem to be yourself. You’re not allowed room for change.

It’s time to get out of bed. Alarm hasn’t gone off yet, but you know it’s the best thing to do. Listen to your friends, who said it’s not worth being there for someone who’s never there for you. You pick up that paper, and as much as it hurts you, it’s just three lines that you should write down.

“I’m leaving. I’m Sorry. Don’t hate me.”

It’s going to be hard, but at least you know that you’re doing the right thing.

Sketch By: Divyank Sinha