To Shave Or Not To Shave

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             I was standing in front of the mirror wondering whether to shave or not. Now if it was left to me I wouldn’t bother. For I am far too lazy to shave (Yes, apparently I am ‘that’ lethargic).

But according to the study, published in the journal Behavioral Ecology, that asked women from New Zealand and Canada to determine their preferences on men’s facial hair, the women responded that bearded men looked older and more aggressive.
Over 200 women were presented with pictures of clean-shaven and bearded men making different types of faces (normal and angry). The results showed that women found the clean-shaven men significantly more attractive.

So whom should I listen to? Me? Or those 200 women?




Coming to the age where I have to sit for multiple job interviews, I have to listen to people telling me that a decent presentation of oneself is important. So twisting the words of Rachel Dawes from Batman,

It is not what you are inside that defines you but how you project yourself.

So that means it doesn’t matter if you are a 2nd grade crook, a cheat and all the other stuff that people dislike as long as you can pass yourself as a well-groomed human being. All your moral faults shall be ignored. Not that I am a great fan of morality but this is the underlying, socially acceptable hypocrisy.

Coming back to my beard, I remember my buddy who had a girlfriend back then asked me why did I take off my beard? I replied to him “The same reason you keep yours, you do it for your woman, I do it for mine.”

And for those who don’t know, my woman is my mother and she hates my beard. But no she wasn’t one of those 200 women who were surveyed. She just thinks I look like a monkey…

On that point, I think even I have to agree.

Photography By: Karthik KS