This Valentine’s Day Let's Introduce Chivalry

In & Out



For it’s not the beard that defin’th a man, but the bard within that doth. 

There, let me begin this tell tale of love and charm with a conviction of my own. When it comes to love, and I mean real, genuine love, we all turn into intellectuals. Suddenly, the back papers left to clear seem insignificant and we feel like Buddha enroute to enlightenment - except for the fact that we want resuscitation and not renunciation. At least, that’s what I feel. 

Your toxic sensuous eyes are more mysterious than the universe

Your plain charming smile, serene as an autumn leaf.

When you walk past, the winter breeze seems warm;

And when you stop, I feel the time itself has come to a halt.

Are you able to relate to these lines or at least appreciate them?

No? Ok, you may skip to the next article.

Yes? Read on, my friend.



Every religion professed the sanctity and importance of women. They were considered the human synonym for creation. So, what went wrong all of a sudden?

Your minds went berserk. With an excuse for curiosity, you’ve ripped apart the very foundations on which mankind was based to survive upon. In this frenzy, you’ve forgotten the synonyms of creation, and a large part of you (even today) considers them to be sublime creatures. Never look down upon a woman, you weakling. If she’s submitting to your will it’s not out of fear, but pity; and if she’s manipulating you, don’t blame her because that’s what your fathers and forefathers have reduced her to. For those who think chivalry is dead are the ones speeding up this degeneration. 

Lightening up the mood, I must say all your Valentine’s day plans are beautiful, sensuous and amazing. You plan to surprise her or just do the usual a little better - I’m sure it means a lot, as long as you aren’t planning to feed on her meekness that day. Everyone must be busy planning what to wear and how to impress their partners. There must be a million beautiful thoughts racing through your minds. Oh, don’t worry single folks I’m on your side too, and we know for sure that not every couple is in perfect sync and harmony. There we can feel a little better now.

Love is a serene and peaceful state of resonance between two minds, and demands understanding and courage. Sexuality has parasitically or maybe symbiotically established itself as a necessity alongside love. I’m not against it, but I am definitely against it being the only significant part of a love-relationship. FWB is a better modern acronym, and that’s totally cool. 

There’s an innate sense of fear in both men and women regarding the outcome of a relationship. There are a thousand fears already and on top of that, our Indian society makes it tenfold. In spite of these there are a good number of people taming the storm and living perfectly happy lives. Admit it, we all hate PDAs not because it’s a public nuisance, but more because we aren’t a part of it. Hilarious indeed. But love stories turning into blissful endings are something beautiful in themselves. 

I still believe that walking the extra mile to drop her safely, holding the door for her or showering blissful compliments on her are all to be done at every point in a relationship, and not just as a means to win her confidence and then take her for granted (which is usually the case). Instead of buying her lavish gifts and showering her with fake goodness it’s better to take these small yet significant acts of chivalry and see your woman respect and admire you back. Yes, it definitely will help you score too. Chivalry is just as important as every other virtue your parents have taught you. It adds substance to your character and reinforces your connection with the lad(y)ies. Every woman deserves the kindness and respect from every man she comes across. 

All these words of mine converge to one simple point, I’m just trying to boost your chances and win a good score.

Treat her as a necessity and she will look forward to building you, but treat her as an option and she can ruin you. At the end of the day, it’s lovers’ day so my words don’t really make a big difference as long as everything between the both of you is genuine and mutual. I just wanted to make an important point that chivalry, as a virtue, needs to be valued and practiced more than ever.

But everything aside, remember to dress well, load your wallets and wear the best fragrance guys! Ladies, I don’t need to mention but still don’t forget to keep the mascara layer a little thin, the light reflection is a little annoying while sitting across the table and lip gloss is definitely a must! Oh, and I did read somewhere that mascara and lipsticks are made from fish scales oil *evil grin*!

Yes, have a romantic and beautiful Valentine’s day folks! Love is in the air indeed. The rest of us shall spend time brooding over the reasons for Valentine’s day being a pointless affair.