There's So Much More To A Book Than Just The Reading

Food for Thought



The Reader’s INC.

The habit of reading is a very noble one indeed. But what motivates us, all intelligent races, to read? Maybe we find solace in the characters in that particular novel. Or maybe we just wish we were a part of this solitary journey of reading a book. There are countless (and priceless) motivations for you to read, reread and even critique a book. Let’s draw your attention to the major types of the readers out there and a plausible inference to their tastes.




The readers of Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, Lord of the Rings and even the Game of Thrones these days, venture into the deep engagement of selecting which book is the best among the series. A section of these so-called “books” are literally an abuse of the English language, yet they find a suitable environment to thrive and increase their fandom. Try asking these readers about any other book. Chances are that they haven’t read anything out of the series.

I strongly believe that it is the overburdening foundation of the peer groups and popular culture which renders these readers to invest all their time and money in reading these series of books. And eventually they get habituated.


Moby Dick


Fitzgerald and Hemingway were one of those half-brained nitwits who played around with their nonsensical philosophies when the whole world was being swept with an obnoxious literature. Dan Brown? Never heard of him.

They are Dickens and Brontes worshippers. Nothing can please them more, but a cup of hot chocolate and a hard copy of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. Not to forget the fact that they are completely oblivious to the modern literature.

Anything else is added to their “Loathe List”.

Beware, most of them don’t hold back whilst taking out their “I have got a major in English” bomb while discussing the various aspects of Shakespearean literature.




Hipster glasses? Check. Bow tie? Check. A copy of Less than zero? Check! You have your hipster, pseudo-intellectual readers who have figuratively read everything in this world. They are a self-acclaimed bibliophile and have a comment or two about any book one may ask them.

Interestingly, their comments only lie till the fact that how they found the book and never about any other aspects of the plot. Quite evidently they haven’t read anything concrete (yes, I said that).

At a glance, you did not like this article about yourself.




This one is actually quite elementary. All the EA Poe’s and Kings in the house, this is a call of destiny to you. One of the most passionate among the other readers, people who read mystery, read mystery alone.

Everything else fails to suffice their need for their daily dose of intense book reading other than the good old-fashioned “Doyle-ic” style of mystery. But what is their pride is also their major turnoff. They always end up indulging in senseless fights of who is the greatest one of all.

The Indian counterparts always mingle themselves up between Feluda and Byomkesh Bakshi. While internationally, the rivalry between Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe is very well known.

Interestingly, none of them shared the same timeline!




There is no shame in watching the movie before you read their books. We all have been there. Actually, quite a lot of people do that. I feel that this is the best habit as of now, which is feasible to maintain over the long run.

The DA Vinci Code, Hunger Games, American Psycho etcetera, are a few of the books which have gone through this ordeal of getting filmed first and read later.

Alas, people often miss out great classics and modern literature which hasn’t been filmed yet. Just hold on, you will get to feel the sensation of all these unread books when some generous director decides to film them.

Respect for Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, and Wes Anderson.


Fault in our stars


One would find many of the afflicted Hazel Grace Lancasters who are desperately trying to enlighten them, Augustus -is by making them read one and only one book. This ONE book might have been life changing and eye opening for someone, but it certainly doesn’t mean that not reading the book makes you less of a reader.

These one book fanatics eat, pray, breathe that single book. And they expect you to as well. It is annoying indeed, unless it is some extraordinary book that you have missed out completely.

Get ready, for you are about to make a guilt trip to all the Peter Van Houten’s around the world with the Hazels by your side.

Now did you find yourself and a few of your friends in this? Perhaps, not. And don’t be surprised if you find you’re a cross-species mutt—true book lovers are very wide-ranging in their genetic makeup! What I would say is that never ever give up on the book you are reading. You see, you don’t get to choose the book. The book chooses you.

Welcome to the bittersweet life of reading!