The Superhero Academy

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I am Batman. At least I want to be - no doubt about that. But what if all these superheroes that we know were teachers in our schools (our college)? Now I, for myself, am a DC fanatic but this article in itself has more concentration of Marvel heroes (mainly due to their overexploitation of popular stereotypes). Just kidding, Marvel is just as fine as well.

Don’t you worry, this post will still be as much of a quest to slay an old enemy of ours.


So here goes, The Top 10 types of Superhero teachers:



We all have this teacher in our class. Punctual, skeptical, strict, brooding, unimpressed and most certainly not the one to give you an A+ for your homework. I would like to remind you all that however much cool batman may be, but he is a guy of discipline and perfection.

We hate these types of teachers. They are literally a pain in the, erm, back. Not so cool after all.



He is the one whom we always look up to. The favourites of many students and loved by all, he is the true guardian angel when it comes to giving grades. And, why not? It is the grades that matter after all. This is what we know as genuinely being good to people.

Don’t worry, he will have his bad day sometime or the other but try to keep up! These are not the type of the teachers you’d want to loose.



We want to learn from him. We want to be him. He is the one to have fun inside (and outside) the class. Though his competency as a teacher could be up for a discussion, but not his methodology. These teachers will end up giving you the most of the free time and easy grades because they genuinely know how it is to fill in your shoes.

But beware, these species are only good as an ally. Never ever tread into their dark side for we know how this shit is gonna go down.


Thor Wonder Woman

The former can be the classy History teacher with the latter being the exotic Language teacher. We all have a crush on them. And mostly that’s the reason why we attend their classes. Those eyes, the words and that entire aura of mesmerising sophistication. How we long for them to acknowledge us in class.

But as they say, crushes are crushes. No one can replace them. It’s time to ‘move on’ to the next one on the list.



A typical teacher who take their job too professionally. They come, teach and go in quick successions, not bothering if the end result is in accordance with the class or not. Don’t try taking notes in their classes; substantial materials are not to be found from people like this.

Just another day, just another class, just carry on.




He is a quiet teacher all right. They don’t really speak much and always tend to be by themselves. Really, they are an epitome of a shadow. They are content with their lives, until, something bad happens. Never ever (I mean never ever ever) get on their bad side. Because underneath that soft personality lies a volcano of anger, which can erupt at any second.

The eruption seldom takes place but when it does, it becomes a day to remember. Winter can come anytime with this teacher.



The strange and lonesome teacher with a dark, dark secret. And guess what? They are only suited to the substitute teacher job. The subject these people teach usually includes politics, ethics, HISTORY and philosophy - anything, which requires a man in solitude to teach.

They don’t stay at a place for long and are sure to leave your class before notifying anyone. What dark secrets they hold are completely upon us to wonder.



This is a hard one to describe. Your experience with this kind may vary according to how ‘exotic’ the teachers are. It is quite hard to relate to them in their classes and we always end up having a lot of doubts, no matter how hard they try to explain. Maybe it’s the cultural and ethnical differences.

On the bright side, these teachers are really friendly and you can actually benefit from their teachings once they adapt to our ways.



Some teachers just try too hard to be friendly and sweet to all the people. That, in turn, classifies them into the ‘creepy’ group. More appropriately, the forever-alone group. They always appear merry, but inside they are just as insecure. Literally, does anyone know Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development?

Teachers of such calibre joke a lot. But none of them result into fruition (often creating awkward silences). Seriously, stop being overfriendly to us!


Captain America

There is a 90 percent possibility that he is your PE teacher with a glorious, but sad past. He often talks about how good the time was back in his days. His eminence lies no bound but sometimes the nostalgic expressions may be too much for you to handle and you WILL end up feeling pretty low about yourself.

Don’t loose your self-esteem. It’s just a matter of time before you prove your worth to teachers like this. Remember, they know the true meaning of power and would appreciate you if you knew it as well.

That’s all folks, for today’s entertainment. I hope I have covered all the types of (superhero) teachers that will be present in your schools (or colleges). I was hoping to add Charles Xavier on the list but he qualifies more as a teacher already than a superhero.