The “Stuff” You Learn In College

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Disclaimer: The following article contains coarse material and its content should not be viewed by anyone. It’s all bullshit. Read at your own risk. The CIA is monitoring this post. All characters, even if based on real people, are fictional. But, the potentially offensive stuff is brief and you can cover your ears. However, you can’t get away from the tons of 4-letter words.

“Do you want some stuff?”, He asked. I was like - what the fuck? I ignored him and walked out of the washroom. Maybe he was a nutjob. I reached my table, ordered for one more drink. It was Saturday and so it was going to be a long night. My friend on the other side of the table leaned forward and whispered, “There is a guy selling drugs in the washroom. You wanna try that?”.

“Oh shit, I just met that guy! I thought he was a nutjob.”

Looking at the guy in the washroom, I understood one thing - that drug dealers don’t look like drug dealers. He didn’t look mean, had no tattoos or guns. He wasn’t even black! I’m not a racist, but that’s how I pictured dealers. He looked like a post rocker - one who could slip into any room unnoticed. I still can’t see him as a drug dealer. He looked as if he was late for his band practice. Perhaps he’s trying to act mainstream to fool the authorities.

So we decided to visit his drug den and found him surrounded by a crowd. Crowd that looked high on something. Interesting how this stuff unlocks the chains that are binding you to the structured life of adulthood and allows you to become reckless and wild like a child.


Drug dealing


I tried pot and found it awesome. Seeing music and hearing colours is an awesome experience. Well, smoking makes you meet new people. So I met a guy who started out as a casual smoker, but eventually he was heavily addicted to drugs, which made his problems and anxieties disappear. Drugs had become almost a pastime to him; a hobby of sorts. If he had free time, he would smoke some dope or ingest some hash. He admitted having been nervous about being caught by the authorities, but his sole companion, drugs, made these concerns melt away and let him experience life in a carefree bliss, until the high was extinguished and the fears came back tenfold. This triggered a repeating cycle of drug use that came to define his life. You know that pretty well. Unlike the lessons in college which are followed by tests, his addiction tested him first and he learnt his lessons of smuggling. Money is an issue for students. To meet his needs, he started dealing. He earned a lot and paid his college fee on his own. Now, that guy owns a house with a garden where he grows his stuff and smokes it. For people who don’t know there is a specific procedure to grow pot. This guy who never even tried to open his lab manual throughout the whole semester did 5 months of research on how to grow pot. Dealing doesn’t seem so bad to me now. LOL! So, instead of working like a normal person to raise money for college, he decides to take the easy way out and smuggles the drugs.

He just seems too immature and careless about the effects his actions may soon have upon his life. But, the boring numbness of living every day exactly the same is long gone.

Who says that you can’t smuggle pot in flight? I know a guy who did that with zero suspicions. Everyone said to him - “you’re the boss!” 

This guy smuggled a good amount of pot and so hats-off to the Indian security system. I’m not commenting on anything. I’m just a little high you know. There’s one more guy who goes stoned to write his end semester papers and clears it with flying grades. After all, all parents say is that their child should be studying; that their child can do whatever they want after they have passed their exams. Someone said pot makes you stupid, but here I see quite the opposite. Well, criminals are criminals and drug dealers are no exception, but what would you say about the guy who paid his college fee using that money and didn’t ask his parents for anything. Again, I’m not suggesting anything. You read the disclaimer. You can’t sue me. You can’t blame me. Anyway, I don’t care. Because this is all fiction. I don’t exist. I’m just a speck of someone’s imagination. I’ve heard that getting high can get you reach higher states of consciousness. I don’t know what that is, but the music is intoxicating as well. 

Drug dealing is a potential career choice. Instead of working like a normal person to raise money for college you can take the easy way out and smuggle the drugs. You might as well get the attention you have been yearning for and bask in your criminal glory. It’s a cute-sounding felony as well. There is job security because there will never be a shortage of clients. You can practice your profession at any time of the day. You don’t have to wear formals and there’s no eligibility criteria. Jokes apart, the point is that if you can hustle in the illegal world then hustling in the legal world won’t be a big problem for you. I hope you got the message. Till then peace and don’t let anyone kill your vibe.

Photography By: Sarthak Dubey