The Last Trip




         It was anxiety, gripping him down to the last breath. They’d been nice to him for so long, but of late, they seemed upset. His brother would often just hold his head and stare at him, saying nothing. He didn’t understand why his parents would never look him in the eye anymore? Had he done something wrong? He’d often run to his mother, seeking some form of an answer, so he could atone for his sins; but she didn’t make a sound either.

Then one day, it happened! They were going out! All of them! In the car he rushed and sat down by the window— letting the wind rush across his face was one of his favourites. But he felt tired after what seemed like an hour, and rested his head in his brother’s lap. He fell asleep despite the bumpy ride, oblivious to the ominous silence in the car. It was dark, when he woke up. The car had stopped, and mother was urging him to come with her. Father was just sitting there stone faced. Something was definitely wrong. Why wasn’t anyone telling him anything! He rushed out of the car with mother and went into a dreadful white building. It didn’t seem like a happy place, but he was with his family, he didn’t care. He was just glad to be out of the monotony. They sat in a room with a few others, and then someone yelled his father’s name. This must be it! Maybe we are going on a trip! A vacation! The last time they’d been to an awesome place with a huge pool! It would be so much fun! They went into a brightly lit room, so bright that it almost hurt. But he didn’t care, it was vacation time! They made him sit down on a table. It was confusing. Why was brother so silent? And mother wasn’t even looking at him. He decided to ignore them. He could barely sit still. Thoughts of running around in new places were just glorious.



Suddenly, the white-coats strapped his limbs.This couldn’t be good. Why was Father talking with a serious face to the leader of the white-coats? He didn’t like this. He started yelling, and brother came running to his side, had he been crying? This was not right! He started thrashing around as fear made it’s way through every inch of him. He had to do something. Then to his horror one of the whites pulled out a large frigging pointy thing and started walking towards him. Father was crying too now, never in his 13 years had he seen that man shed a tear. Brother tried to cover his eyes and suddenly, it was calm. He understood. He stopped thrashing. The needle pierced his skin. He just took one last look around, and let out a poignant bark. As if to let his family know how happy he felt to have had them, and how lucky he felt. In his heart he knew he’d always keep them safe from the world, even the scary mailman. He rested his face in brother’s arms and closed his eyes. Bowser was no more. 

Photography By: Kanika Narang