The Invisible Thread




“I would never see you again”. That’s not probably true Sasthu. We’ll have to see each other for our convocation. 

“We have different convocations, you are a dual degree student”. That is probably true Sasthu. I might not come for your convocation at all. I just remembered.

“For all I know you will not even turn up for our year at all.” Yeah, I just thought about that. I hope you don’t owe me any money. 

“You think I’m drunk and raving right?” No. That would be if you were to talk about some high level fantasy story franchise.

“Do you like Star Wars? You remind me of the Jedi. Only female.” You remind me of that Gramophone I bought for a play- it wouldn’t start or stop when I wanted it to.

“I think I have given you my coat, about a year back. Not for you. For your play. It was brilliant. I didn’t see it. It was brilliant. It was about a goat right? Then someone got divorced, then two dudes kissed on stage. It was bloody brilliant. I know. I don’t watch your Hindi stuff. I don’t get much Hindi. But this was brilliant. I just didn’t get the time to…, you know? Watch the English stuff that you do. Do less of your Hindi stuff and more of your Hinglish stuff. I mean Engdi stuff. I mean…..  Who took the bottle?” Somebody would have, if you hadn’t thrown it at the ‘eagle’. Or what you thought was an eagle.

 “Why don’t you talk to me gal? You know I love you right? I love you all. All of you. When did I meet you? Apart from today afternoon. First day of college? Second. Ah! Who cares, I just met you. I know that I have met you nice and proper. Haven’t I now?” Duly. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be sitting here waiting for you to get sober and go back home. Where the hell were the other guys?

“You should start talking. I am not so good at talking. See, you are not talking. That’s because I’m not good at talking at all. Or you should give me back my bottle. Why are the cans here, and no bottle? You didn’t throw it away did you? Tell me. Are you talking? I think I am a bit drunk and raving.” Welcome home Sherlock. They are so going to get a mouthful when they get back. It’s a quarter past three, and they had my only scooter.

“Pardesi mere yaaara, pyaar pukaara…….. Mujhe chhod ke…… Did they mean chhod ke, or chod-ke? Ahaahahahaha! Hue-hue, hue hue! Hahahaaaaa!” Almost funny mate. It must be hard to throw up and laugh at the same time. You ought to be puking at your joke and laughing at yourself. I need to go get a deo, the place stinks. Might as well grab a can- easier to deal with the drunk when the poison is in you.


[More silence]

“……Mujhe chhod-ke, mujhe chodkkeeeeee, mujhe jhodke... jaana nahin, jana nahiiiiinnnn… It is chod-ke Sasthu, I think it is chodke only. Lyrics never made sense anyway. When did I take your coat? I don’t think I did”. Wonderful. She just hid my bottle and now she has to sing my song. Who does she think she is, Shakira? She did take my overcoat. Where was she drinking from anyway? Hadn’t the Eagle taken the bottle?


“I hate the other two, they are plain douches! Fuck them all. How dare they take my ride and leave me stranded here with you? I love you. But I hate them. I just love the scooter to be honest. It’s sooo black.” Did she just say she loved me? Wait a second. It was my scooter, wasn’t it? Did I own a black scooter? Who is this girl? Where the hell am ….

“There are four people riding my scooter Sasthyyyyyy. They are coming at me. Oh no!…. That’s the eagle! Darn the devil. Eagle riding devils! Take this!”

[Beer can meets scooter body. Clankity clank. Screeching break noise. Shouting noises]


[Snoring noises]

[Yawning noises]

Next day morning in a homely guesthouse in Anjuna, Goa – four people woke up in a room of many strangers. Sasthu and Devu- the protagonists of the above account were students of the same college who hadn’t talked to each other before that eventful night at Baga beach; two students who had borrowed Devu’s ‘Red’ Activa had driven up to Tito’s lane in Baga, only to find the two sprawled on the road, throwing beer cans at passing vehicles. One of the ‘Eagle riding devils’ was your’s truly. The twist, you ask? We four are now tied together for life. This story of no essential substance was glued on by a simple substance - Fermented Ethanol. However, friendships are stronger than chemical bonds. 

True story.


Photography By: Ved Dubhashi