The Immortal




           “The world has believed me dead for too long. It’s time they know what fear feels like again.”

Synarak took a step into the light, and her heartbeat fluttered. The air was warm in her nostrils as she puffed out the remaining ash that was blocking them. Three centuries can really pack up soot anywhere.

She shivered as she felt the snowflakes melt on her skin. But they weren’t the only thing wetting her cheeks— she was crying.

“Everything is so beautiful”

As she sprinted into the twilight, she felt the sun rays cool. The woods weaved past her as she fed on the incoming wind. She leapt and skimmed over the canopies.

“Times have changed.”

The village she once terrorised now shone bright with street lights. The people clothed themselves with coloured skins. Smoke filled the air. They rode beasts that spat out the smoke.


Everything was so loud. People were making the noise. She heard it all; their words and their movements. They weren’t afraid anymore.

“Time to remind them that there was a beast of prey above them.”

She was confused when she reached a fence; it was something she had never seen before. Its wires and railings were all made out of steel, and as she tugged against the wiring, she thought, “What the fuck is this unbreakable weave. These puny men seem to have grown quite a bit since I left.” She jumped over it and climbed into a house nearby. There was a little girl in her bed. She liked little girls the most— softest, cleanest, and mostly full of sweet blood.

“She’ll go without knowing, the best way.”

For a taste she bit the bottom of the girl’s little finger, just a prick. As the blood trickled down her tongue, her eyes rolled back. She would have started moaning if she wasn’t so worried about getting discovered. The blood was sweeter than ever, her heart was pounding, her fingers twitched, and all she could think of was cleaning this girl’s marrow out. But she knew she had to be clean, or else the people would hear the screams. She placed her claw over the little girl’s neck, and made a clean slit on the jugular. The moment the girl started opening her eyes, she crushed her throat, and started nipping chunks off her head. Once she was done, she walked out wearing the girl’s clothes and went up to her parents’ bedroom.


He was snoring loudly, she hated snorers. She drained them up quick; their blood wasn’t as satisfying as the little girl’s. She left the house dressed in the mother’s clothes, it was the local bar next. She had to get to know what things had changed. She ate a homeless on the way so that she was satiated enough to not lose control between too many people. Crowds of unsuspecting people gave her the ultimate thrill. She had her best memories in crowded areas. No-one suspected the lady to be the killer.

“A bottle of rum.”

“We don’t give bottles here, miss.”

The bartender was bemused. She didn’t know that what she was wearing was actually a nightwear for humans. She was smart, she became aware of that. She also realised that she was pulling stares from every man in the bar.

“I just couldn’t get myself to sleep, couldn’t you do a lady a favour?”

She pulled the nightwear off one shoulder slightly. Her ample breasts were sure to make the bartender interested in getting her drunk. She made it look like a mistake, while sliding across a hundred pound note she had flicked from the house.

“Well, I guess I could manage a bottle for you.” He smiled as he picked up the note, glancing again at the skin on offer, making it obvious this time. He was showing an interest in her.

“Some things can’t change.”

As the bartender went back to get a bottle, another man slid next to her and started a conversation. She kept cutting him off. She was aware that the more she led men on, the more they were ready to risk. When the bartender came back to find that his prize had other eyes on it, he frowned, and immediately intervened.

“Is this man bothering you miss?”

“Why don’t you mind your own business, barkeep?” said the man, obviously irritated.

“I didn’t ask you anything, you swab. Miss, I can have him thrown out if you want.”

He turned to the lady, but she was already picking up her bottle and leaving. The bartender was confused, and the man got up to stop her. As he put his hand on her shoulder, he felt her perfect skin. She glanced back— those eyes, no man could ever forget.

“Would you like to be my dinner, sir?”

He took her seriousness for arousal. “Eat me all you want baby!”




As she drew him to the hill, the people on the street were all witness to her presence, her charm and her bewitchery. But they didn’t notice the tear next to her eye. She was happy. Nobody suspected the woman. Nobody cared for anything as long as she was pretty.

“The perfect dress to wear,” she thought, “which reveals nothing, but attracts everyone.”

Sketch By: Aurnaub Bose