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Erotic Discography!

Not a day goes by where we don’t end up opening Brazzers for a quiet, little alone time for, urm, ‘self-enlightenment’. Pornography plays a vital role in our lives. It teaches us more about sex education than sex Ed videos do, any day (given that various forms of protection is common knowledge). But what compels a person to pursue such an activity of seldom beneficial outcome?

I’d really recommend people to watch immaculate movies like: The Graduate, Blue is the warmest colour, Don Jon - to get a better understanding of this article. Or let’s chuck it, open the internet and type away that four letter word and see what happens.

Yes, “L-O-V-E” as the feminists say.

Let’s check browse through this post:

Milf Mania


Moms I’d Like to Fuck (to be read as F***). No, this isn’t incest, but a desire to be with ‘older women’ and, in this case, most definitely the moms of one’s friends. That’s a really obnoxious way to project the statement, but that’s that. Though it is considered a taboo by many people and societies, but it definitely is a fantasy. I guess everyone has a bit of “The Graduate”, starring Dustin Hoffman, in themselves.



Japan has never failed to surprise even the best of us. The epitome of true fantasy, ‘hentai’ without any doubt contains an intense amount of role plays. The categories may differ upon the taste of people, but I dare you not; the Japanese have a vivid imagination. This is, by far, not the one to be considered as educational. Tentacles and reality don’t go together. Not at all.

50 Shades Of Grey


Sometimes, people just love to dominate. Or get dominated upon, depending upon their taste. These types of the “enlightening” entertainment is not at all institutionally accepted. Just pure fantasy. Often containing a lot of violence, the inclusion of this category in mentally sane “enlightening” environment should be genuinely questioned and pondered upon. Masochistic behaviour may leave a mark in one’s life. And this mark can often be rendered in a scar. BDSM… not cool.

Call Of Booty


Who doesn’t like first person shooters? Yes, there is the first person pornography too! For those of you who want to achieve realism in every aspect of digital life, there is the genre of adult filmography which is known as ‘Point of view’. POV to be precise. This is much closer to the real thing, er, visually at least. But this category is often underrated, for various reasons. I guess that explains why GTA is a better game than Call of Duty.

The Mafia

Group sex

Everyone loves to watch gangs. Especially those, which results in bang bangs. Yes, I am talking about Reservoir Dogs and the Godfather. Group videos are a serious business in itself. But this subgenus of pornography is often viewed as anti-feminist (well, which category isn’t?). As the sensitive issue feminism already is, I do not want to indulge in a one-sided discussion. But remember, feminism means equal rights for men too. And it’s all upto you to fantasise about that perfect moment.

The Baby Doll

Celebrity porn

Celebrities have often been the big cheese of pornographic propaganda. Be it Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence or Sunny Leone, all the fame they garner is a result of a publicity stunt gone wrong. This is a tricky issue to handle, from the law point of view, and a matter of pure entertainment for the normal public. What happens in the end? Wait, let me grab that tissue!

People have different choices and tastes when it comes to intricate topics such as this. Things which may seem right to you might seem completely repelling to someone else, and vice-versa. But the general gist of this post was that fascination often leads men to venture into the deep, deep realms of erotic entertainment.

And the sole reason for such behaviour still lies with the fact that sex is considered a taboo in India. Porn is associated with mental disorders and tendency to “rape” and assault. Just because few ministers were “unicorn-ish” enough to watch certain videos in the assembly doesn’t make the entire category of pornography negative.

One doesn’t simply jump off the building watching Superman fly. And if one does, then God help them - they need medical treatment as soon as possible. There’s a line between reality and fantasy. Being a human, I very well feel that we can distinguish the line out of many shortcomings.

Be a responsible citizen and watch enlightening videos responsibly.