The Button Of Apocalypse


Apocalypse, Judgement day


The news blared some shit report on some leaked launch codes. There’s always this kind of outrage every year.

End of the world in 2012.

Asteroid heading towards the Earth. Solar flares. Geomagnetic reversal of poles. Ebola, H1N1, Mad Cow disease.
I am fucking tired of it.

We live in a time where people are afraid. We know too much to be oblivious about the dangers we are surrounded by.

Every day sees a new disease, a new pain in the ass.

Humans are the only species aware of germs and hygiene, and yet we are the animal species affected with the largest number of diseases. Ironic as hell according to me.

We are one of the peak causes of species extinction, we are the biggest cause of pollution, and we are the leading cause of deforestation. I see no valid reason for humans to continue existing on the Earth. We destroy, we consume, and we give nothing back. So what if we are exploring space? So what if we sent a rover to another planet? All this progress is bullshit if we end up consuming the planet we were born from. For a species in the kingdom Animalia, we have a lot of traits shared with that of a virus.

“Are you okay?” said my brother as he placed his elbow on my shoulder.

“Nothing.” I was just recoiling from my inner rant. I wasn’t ready to share with my brother how much I hated our species. He was a dreamer and an idealist. He’ll probably be disgusted by my thoughts.

“This world is rotten. Riots are taking place everywhere, people are being insensitive and intolerant, and I am tired.

I see governments lie to their people, mistreat them, drug them with promises.

They call me a cynic.

I call them blind.

I call them sheep.

I digress. The world has been generous to me. The people haven’t. I am the result of my hard work and decisions. I have climbed the system through the links that were created. I am now in possession of a trigger that is wired to detonate the twelve largest nuclear bombs in the world. Conveniently they are perfectly placed all around the world so that the detonation is a sure kill for all humanity.

To all those who just signed in- celebrate. I am giving you a chance to answer the age old question, ‘What are you going to do if the world was ending tomorrow.’ Go forth. Live it while you can.”

And the broadcast ended.

Shit. Am I dreaming? Is this coincidence? Do I love it?

I am disgusted by how happy I am. How does this go through?

I don’t care. I just don’t care. My brother is saying something; I don’t give a shit. I don’t need to pretend the world matters anymore. Today is the first and last day of my life and the light outside feels really bright for some reason.

I am holding a remote. What is this? A room? This looks familiar.

It’s the room from that news report. I am holding a torch of some sort. I’ll switch it on.

“Don’t press that please, it will make a mess of things.”

My eyes adjusted to the light. It’s the same guy from the broadcast. He was also holding a torch like mine.

“We both are holding detonators. Yours is a double trigger. If you activate it, this room will explode, and you will launch four bombs. My detonator will launch all twelve.”

“Who are you?”

“I am the son of god, and I am here to bring about the apocalypse.”

Obviously, who else would he be? Delusional motherfucker.

“So, why give me a choice to save the world, somewhat…”

“This ends with you dying either ways.” I find it hard to not trust him for some reason, feels like he is being honest. “I want to see if the human, who hates humanity the most, is ready to be the cause for its end. If you think humanity still has a chance, you can save it right now.”

Do I really hate humanity so much?

Is this getting recorded from somewhere?

Am I getting pranked?

“I think I’ll let them go.”

That seems like the most reasonable course of action.

“You’re sure?”

“I think they owe this to the planet. To be killed in immortal irony, to be fried by their own invention. They had it coming, if there is fire, someone is going to use it to burn stuff.”

“Fair enough, I am with you on that philosophy, but what about the innocent?”

“The innocents are only those who haven’t done something that shall make them feel guilty, yet. I think mother Earth deserves a makeover and I think that for that we need to remove all possible odds that things will go back the way they used to be.”

“And what about your family? Are you not worried about them?”


“I love them, but I have to be unbiased. This is me as a representative of mankind. That identity comes before my identity as a person.”

“So I will press this button, any last words?”

So poetic.

“Fuck people.”

He is smiling. He has pressed his button. I don’t care anymore. I’ll just press my detonator too.

Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes.

Sketch By: Sneha Lakhotia