The Battle Of The Sexes

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                Well, yes - at times, a woman only cares about decking herself up to attract her man. The wider, brighter and wilder the male’s feathers are, the more likely the female is to mate with him. And what about the woman? Well, she need not bother about her feathers much, but her dress and shoes should never be called a mismatch. And don’t you dare just ‘think’ while answering to her question - “Honey, do I look fat?”. As Ross believes- “You don’t think! You don’t look! You just say ‘NO’.”

It all began with Adam and Eve – Eve offering Adam the apple, them gradually becoming friends and coming closer…and bang! They fell! Deep down the chasms of the earth, they were twisted and turned. They rose; one muscular and the other like a flower, both with rage. So technically, both Adam and Eve blamed one another for their fall from Paradise. Cursed each other for having tasted the apple - Eve for having trusted Satan and Adam for not rectifying Eve. Thus, began the most ancient of all wars, alive and strong, the Battle of the sexes.

Who can finally turn out to be the victor? What can possibly be the result of a war that has been in process since the commencement of human life on the Earth? These questions have been raised by sociologists, philosophers, and laureates (from Austen and Hardy to Eliot, Derrida, Freud) and also form an important part of our Vedas.

Battle of the sexes

Both sexes need each other in order to reproduce and continue the race of the humans. However with the turn of the century, the society became patriarchal, where ideas of being physically weak and hence requiring monetary support were infused psychologically in the minds of the fairer sex. It is human nature to realise their truest and highest potential when pushed to the limits of tolerance. After years of not being able to voice their opinions, women have finally come out of their closets. There are corporations and nations being run by them. Indira Nooyi, Chanda Kocchar, Angela Merkel have set brilliant examples of female empowerment. Clearly, they are the leading examples of one of the two sexes moving forward.

The ever active Battle of the sexes have hit a point where both the teams wonder - what next? The current changes in the gender roles are solely because of the manipulative society and changing relationships. Often, this competitive spirit leads to women finding equality with men.

It is interesting to note the negative response of men, with their sense of isolation and fear of what others might say, as compared to the positive response of the society to a woman who is often the professional in the traditional male role.

Talking about Feminism and Pseudo feminism, people often equate it with female domination, especially when a woman earns, controls the household, argues or justifies. This leads to masculinism (Misogyny/anti-feminism) and empowerment of the deprived man. The question of fraternising with one another arises automatically as both the sexes, at the end of the day, feel attracted to one another (sexually, to be specific).

Clearly, there is a biological and physiological difference between a man and woman, which isn’t created by the society but by the ways the bodies are made. And hence we have men’s and women’s tennis where gender roles are not discriminating but appropriate.

It is rightly said at times that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. Biological evidence reveals that men and women are different in their genes. The man lacks a certain chromosome, which actually makes him in many ways the weaker sex. Male infants are more likely to be stillborn or malformed than the female infants. Also, senescence attacks the female at a much earlier stage than the males. Moreover, if the physical, or rather the sexual interaction is concerned, then a man’s biological involvement in reproduction begins and ends with a brief act of insemination.

“Sex” forms a hot topic in this supreme war of the genders. Other than being a basic human need, sex too ignites the flame of war between the male and the female. As far as sexual pleasure is concerned, a woman definitely reigns the arena bearing multiple orgasms, as clearly pointed out by Courteney Cox’s character Monica in the sitcom ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’; indeed there are 7 combinations by the means of which one can sexually arouse and satiate a woman, and that a woman needs numerous sessions of actions and foreplays to initiate the sexual arousal to satisfy them. If a guy happens to hold it for that long then woohoooo! But if you happen to drop it (which unfortunately happens in most of the cases) then you better be prepared for the consequences. Oops! Did I just mention Chandler?

Another battle that has sprung up over the past decades is the LGBT issue. The ‘Queer Theory’ is defining its project on the feminist theories. These revolutions are, however, cyclical and cannot exist independently. It is very black and white. In reality everyone, be it a man or a woman, is different and has different personalities. With the change in social norms and practices, men and women are not different after all. Androgynous clothing, for example, perfectly states that a woman can look chic in button-ups to shirts and suits to pencil skirts. They look attractive even in a masculine drapery. This battle makes our kin an exception. We see men and women as different species. 

We get attracted to the faults of the other sex and mess with the devil.

The human race is one single entity with two energies - masculine and feminine. Both have each other and both need each other for survival, particularly. Honestly, this war can practically see no end – fraternising or befriending the opponent happens to be a reaction of a hormonal, psychological and physical requirement, which the Bible can also not deny. Yes, the war will continue amidst the love stories or infatuations, as cornering someone, or being cornered, or trying to detach oneself from what one doesn’t prefer has always been appealing.

All women’s issues are to some degree men’s issues and all men’s issues are to some degree women’s issues because when either sex wins unilaterally both sexes lose.

-Warren Farrell