The Arts Side

Food for Thought



       I did not choose the science life, the science life chose me.

I have been a student long enough to carefully consider all sides of education. The path that I am on is a safe one, a straight one, and an accepted one. It is competitive, the people I learn with are goal oriented, with a minimal effort for maximum outcome approach to every problem. When creativity is demanded of us we raise our black flags and Wikipedia the fuck out of all our assignments. Education is not exploratory for us. We would rather trudge down those ruts that were made by those who came before us; ever-deepening them for those to come after. Every once in a while comes along a genius, he shakes things up, does something crazy, makes something new, and then his reward is only words. There is no real recognition in this field because there are so many to recognise. Therefore, nobody really cares to try getting recognised.

The folks on the Arts side have a different scene right now. Most people who have chosen to pursue arts are those who either are really good at what they do, or those who don’t really give a fuck about life or what anyone says. Art makes you do things there is no short cut to. Granted some people still take some, but the shortcut doesn’t let them do their best piece of work possible. The motivation to create something new every time you get to work is something amazing. There is no rut, there is no leader, you are left in a park, and told that you can do whatever you want. To write a story, to read a new book, to paint a picture, to compose a song, to have an authentic opinion is refreshing at a whole new level.

I am stuck on the Science side for now. Out of commitment to expectations, and responsibility towards the money invested in me. But I thrive in every chance I get to display my creativity.

My mind may be preoccupied with thoughts of tasks and duties, but my heart always tell me to forget all of that and just make something new. Despite my perceived purity of the field of Arts, I am told it is for those who don’t want to get ahead in life. It is damned, and it is the path to unemployment. It is almost evil to them, but it is a grave misunderstanding. I find true image corrupted by those who have not used it’s power correctly.




I now have realised: Arts is like the Dark Side of the Force, and I am a Jedi right now, in training.I am being taught discipline and the teachings of the wise. I am being told to ignore my base instincts, and I am getting fed up. The Arts side is calling me. It offers me freedom and the power to be limitless. I could be remembered forever, leave a legacy behind.

“Anakin, come to the Arts Side. Feel the Power!”

I am stuck here, ripped between my passion, and my duty. I feel the same gut-wrenching dilemma that Anakin faced in Episode III. Shall I betray my family and their expectations to follow what I love? Or should I kill my passion to follow the path I did not choose for myself?

Photography By: Yash Mistry