That’s My Whisky Talking

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Hey schmuck, how are we feeling tonight? Too sober? Too bored? Not a problem. You wanna pop a pill? Try a snort? Two or three drags probably?


Aw, come on man. Don’t be such a bore. Why stay sober? You’re not getting any younger, are you? Why stay sober when you can party your life away!?(quotes)

Embrace me. I shall slowly eat you away. But I guarantee you, the time you spend slowly corroding yourself to dust shall be much better than the time you spend sober.

What? You’re telling me that you’re much better off without me?

No, you fool. As it is, you’re just smelling the muck of your bellybutton and sniffing it. Which for the record, is the asshole on your belly.

Wait, you weren’t familiar with that already? See the point?



You’re not doing anything worthwhile with your life. Do you wanna feel empowered? Inspired? Have illusions of grandeur which you probably will never have when you’re counting your days away?

To do it you must let me become a part of you. When you are within me and I am within you.

Stop validating your existence. Turn on that red light. Go to that rave. Get a six pack, a pack of cigars and eat away at that junk while you make yourself a keg.

Stop thinking about what all good you’re gonna do when you’re sober. Stop speaking of how productive and creative you’re gonna be when all you’re gonna do in reality is procrastinating. Stop spreading a fool’s propaganda and urban myths.
Flush away this shit you’re continually feeding yourself.

Don’t let your universe be centered around and limited to that asshole on your belly.

Come and let’s step into another one with the visions I’ll produce in your head. Let your thoughts become the clouds that will slowly condense and pour droplets on that crowd you’ve always wanted to be the centre of. Even though it is temporary, at least you’re proving yourself to someone.

What, no one told you that substance induced rushes don’t inspire you forever? Never mind.

Embrace me, for I shall slowly eat your existence away. But I guarantee you, as I already have, the least you’ll do is have fun.
Come, corrode into dust with the others you afflict.

Photography By: Karthik KS



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