That Nervous Twitch Of The Nose

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        That flash of panic, that nervous twitch of the nose - pretty much describes every situation where you have had to step out of your comfort zone, right? That day that you had to stand up and answer to the teacher, that time that you were the deciding player of your sports team’s final match, and that day when you appeared for any important exam. Or maybe you were simply irritated and were giving it your all to not blow up in the offender’s face.

The nose is a very versatile sense organ - yet one of its most unassuming actions has been the ostentatious twitch. The twitch is usually done unconsciously. Most people are seen twitching their noses when they face uncomfortable scenarios or when they are nervous. Some people have a habit of twitching their nose, usually to irritate their closest friends.

Nose picking

The levels of irritation to this twitch range from infinite tolerance to immediate tantrums. Many inebriated scuffles in bars have occurred due to the uncontrollable twitch being taken as a challenge and an act of manliness. It is indeed something to be surprised about that a simple action such as the nose twitch can lead to such far-reaching consequences.

Sitting in your room, drinking up the books that are prescribed in your respective syllabi, you get all too familiar with the flash of panic. That unsolvable question, that two-line formula, that Greek alphabet which makes you feel dyslexic, and the exam that is in a few days. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Like that moment when all your confidence dissolves within seconds, even with something you were so sure of, and you’re left as a trembling mass of jelly bones.

While the stigma attached to the twitch is rather extremely unnecessary, it is generally accepted that this action of the human body cannot be changed by any means possible, be it brute force, masterful coercion or plain grovelling. Therefore, all of humankind must make an effort to accept nose twitching, be it due to nervousness or otherwise, as another brick in the wall of the various intricacies of this complex organisation called the human society. Acceptance of nose twitching is a sign of societal progress and is a milestone for the days to come.

Sketch By: Kislaya Sinha