That Chick You Can't Get

In & Out



              We men are strange creatures, I think. At times, we just don’t try enough; at times we just don’t quit. And in doing both we make sure to fuck our lives to the best of our abilities. We never give a shit about our college or job and say that the system is screwed while we spend a lifetime chasing that girl who is clearly out of our league by miles – talk of misplaced priorities. It never ceases to amuse me how far men can go to achieve the unattainable.

He writes her poetry. He will take her out to the most expensive restaurant and show her how wealthy he is. He will buy her favourite pair of shoes that she had mentioned in a conversation. He will drop whatever he is doing at a drop of a dime and be at her beck and call 24x7.

A perfectly intelligent guy with more than a good sense of humour laughing at every silly joke the girl makes isn’t a very compelling sight. You just pity his brain, which the guy is hell bent on not using. Or for that matter, bringing her chocolates every day while living off friends for a fag. Or frantically copying class notes for her while never bothering to make a copy for himself - though I think that copying class notes is better than bearing silly jokes or bringing chocolates every day. At least it helps him pass the exams. But the same can’t be said about finishing the girl’s office project because she’d still go out with the boss if she had to choose.




It’s disheartening to see how silly the guy can act just to get her attention. Trying too hard gives off an impression that you have got low self-esteem - someone who’s extremely needy and will eventually become clingy. You almost feel like saying, “dude, if you want to act, try movies”. And if it gets the goat of us men, just imagine how silly the women find it! That smoky-eyed lady has choices you can only wish for. So if she is not into you, chances of changing her mind are bleak - to put it mildly.

Well then, what to do about it? I can answer that question, but we’re not giving relationship advice here. All we want is you to be yourself and not make us all men look stupid and needy. Such actions indicate that men have no backbones and take things to heart way too much. Stop buying into ideas about who you should date and who should be interested in dating you. Take the first step towards combatting League Theory and look in the mirror.

Not being judgmental - just making a request, my friend!