That Awkward Moment

In & Out



                 I clearly remember the first time my mother got me my first copy of the wonderful series, ‘The Chicken Soup’. I was 9 years old, and my summer vacations were going on. Bored of the comic books in the library, I was getting frustrated and wanted something new to read. The moment I opened this book (‘The Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul’), there was no looking back. Tears were rolling down my chubby face, and I just couldn’t put it down - so much so that I read and re-read all of it during the whole of that summer.

Life had ameliorated. 

Recently, I had gone scouting for a book to gift to a dear friend of mine, and a copy of ‘The Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul’ caught my already pleasured (due to being in a bookstore, of course!) eye. I smiled to myself, remembering how I used to wait for my “story time”, to sit and read this one.

Somehow, every trip to the bookstore managed to give me a free ticket for my nostalgic trip. This very fact got me thinking about the different kinds of ‘souls’ they create their issues for, and that is when I stumbled upon this funny yet important fact! 

This series has an issue for almost every kind – ‘The Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul’, ‘The Chicken Soup for the College Soul’ etc, but not for an indispensable part of all our lives – ‘The Embarrassed Soul’!




Though a lot of its copies do have funny and embarrassing experiences of the people, don’t you think it would be fun to have a copy of ‘The Chicken Soup for the Embarrassed Soul’? I would certainly volunteer to provide articles for it since my embarrassing moments have become too many to count now. Anonymity would certainly take priority, of course. 

Now, many of you would ask me, “Why for the ‘embarrassed soul’!?”

My answer would be as simple as this – Because all of us experience it, and it never leaves us! 

According to the Oxford dictionary, ‘embarrassment’ is a “feeling of self-consciousness, shame or awkwardness”.

Well … yes, I have been embarrassed a lot of times if I go by this definition. Most of my life, rather; but, hey! I am not the only one, right? Haven’t all of us had a gazillion conversations beginning in the form of -“Oh my God, today was the most embarrassing day of my life!!”- only to prove ourselves wrong the next day itself, or maybe the day/week afterward? Well, I most definitely have. From falling down in front of a huge group of people in college ( this one still haunts me), to laughing while enacting a play during an Inter-Collegiate Fest - yes, it has been an extremely embarrassing roller-coaster ride, and I am certain of the increase in its intensity, in the coming days/months/years, until I leave this abode… Err, not sure about this one, though. You never know, right? I mean, what if I am reborn as an ant, and I trip over myself while running to grab a piece of the jalebi that just fell on the ground! *Embarrassing*.

(‘Embarrassed for eternity’ should be a phrase, why isn’t it one already! )

The point is that everyone has been in embarrassing situations. Some may be beyond funny or ‘going red in the face’ kind of moments, some might make you want to not step out of your house (or meet anyone) until you’re ready to face the world after your ‘embarrassment-induced’ sabbatical. Some might be real-life incidents, others might be the virtual ones (for example – “typos”, your old Facebook posts typed out lyk dis, some funny pictures etc). 

The fact of life is that these experiences never leave us.

You will always have people coming and telling you, “Haha, I remember how you *insert embarrassing situation of yours*”. Forget others - your own mind will remind you of such situations – all it requires is one small incident or item to make certain repressed memories float back to the surface.

Later in life, some of these experiences will make you laugh till you drop down to the floor while some will make you cringe and begin the process of repressing it all over again. 

The main idea is to not belittle or criticise oneself. As the (now) popular phrase goes - Shit happens. In this case, it sticks as well because it never leaves us. It can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, you’re stuck with it for life. No one has ever mastered the art of turning the sands of time, fortunately, or unfortunately. There’s no point in sitting and sulking about the very common question of “Why me!”, because it isn’t just you. Everyone is a victim of Lord Embarrassment arrow(s). Sometimes, I think that he and Cupid join hands (at times) and target people, if you know what I mean. 

The bond of these situations with our lives is like that of FeviQuik with any broken item. Once it has happened ( or fixed, with reference to this super glue), it stays with you for life. You won’t be able to let it go unless you have an inner Ghajini; Or, if you’re Elsa, from the movie ‘Frozen’. 

Though ‘The Chicken Soup for the Embarrassed Soul’ may never come out, I’m sure all of us have had innumerable experiences, to provide for its content(s).

After all, life is all about some sweet, some bitter and some bittersweet moments, right?

Have a nice day! If you find yourself in an embarrassing situation today (or tomorrow, or whenever), just remember that someone, somewhere, is trying to catch up with the rolling tomatoes and onions down a slope , because his/her grocery bag just tore.