She Didn't Seem To Know How Beautiful she Was



                          It had been a hard day at work and so, I decided to go to the bar to release my stress via the medium of liquor. I don’t like cribbing about stuff; I drown them in oodles of delicious food or alcohol.

As I sat down with my glass, I decided to stir it and while doing so, I saw the bubbles coming and popping. Somehow, they were reminding me of my life; how I had some really good moments and then they weren’t there anymore. A wave of frustrated energy washed over me, causing me to shut my eyes, and I let out a deep sigh. I adjusted my swinging chair and as I was getting off it, my eyes fell on the entrance. There she was.

Dressed in black, she was a marvelous sight to behold. She was oblivious to the romantic and interested glances heading her way; she didn’t seem to know how beautiful she was. I was experiencing a sort of calm excitement, if that makes any sense. Her hips swayed as she walked over to a guy; I wanted to be that guy instead of this moping lad just gawking at a goddess.

She smiled, and somehow, that infused a fountain of happiness into my own heart, whose beats were loud enough to make me realise the effect of her presence. Her smile reached her eyes and Oh My God! Her eyes! Those smokey and kohl-ed jewels could stop anyone’s heart if looks could really kill. There was something lurking behind the layer of joy shining through those dreamy globes in which an entire universe lay.


Beautiful girls

After a while, that guy finally left (yeah!) and she continued to sit there, by herself. She hadn’t seen me yet; thank god for that. She took out a piece of paper from her bag and started penning down something. As she bent over the table to write, her hair cascaded like a silk curtain; all I wanted to do was go there and run my fingers through those lush and enticing locks.

She took out a lip balm to moisten her lips, and I wanted to tell her that I was willing to do its function (and much more) for the rest of my life. I wanted to take her dainty fingers in my rugged ones and hold them safely until time stood still.

My eyes kept going back to hers, and I didn’t realise how much time had passed; the bartender came and said, “Bhai bas kar, warna joote padenge ya case kar degi tere upar.”

I let out a laugh. This was my first genuine laugh in a long time. Just as I was going to go back to my angel-watching, I felt that someone was watching me. Her gleaming eyes were locked on mine. There was a glint of recognition in them, and she gave a tiny smile. It didn’t elicit any reaction from me; I just kept looking at her glittery pupils. She got up from her chair and started walking towards me with that familiar sway.

She had this power of spreading positivity all around her, and I wasn’t the only one who felt it that day. Men couldn’t stop gazing at her, and that boiled my blood.


I gulped down the remaining contents of my glass and looked at her.


“Long time..”

“How’ve you been?”

“Okay. What about you?”

“I’m okay too.”


Our conversation ended there. We just sat across each other for the rest of the evening, doing our own thing. As I stole glances at her, I kept cursing myself for taking that horrendous decision of leaving her; of letting go of those very dainty fingers that once craved for mine.

And, I wanted her now. I wanted her so bad. I wished to wipe away all her tears that ever existed, dance with her in times of joy, and grow old with her.

I rubbed my eyes and wondered what the future held for me, with the strong desire for it to be with her …

[To be Continued]