The Service You Do For Others Is The Rent You Pay For Your Room Here On Earth

In & Out

Help others


            As the sun rays pour through the wispy clouds, every human being wakes up from slumber, hoping for the brand new day to be good enough, if not spectacular. Each and every being is a tenant of this planet, on which he/she runs towards his/her dreams and aspirations, and with every day passing by, one creates his/her own world, resulting in an unfortunate occurrence – the others remain forgotten. Thus, Mother Earth is disappointed. One isn’t born here for free; the birth waltzes hand-in-hand with a certain sense of responsibility and duty as one grows up. Santa keeps a list of your good and naughty deeds, right?
So does life.

It’s just that no one talks about it. Maybe if it was a Unicorn, it might have gotten some publicity, but nope. It’s just a list.

The phrase “your good deeds” shouldn’t be confused with doing good deeds for your own self; that is but obvious, because no one would want to do bad deeds to/for themselves. 

Your good deeds are the ones that translate into making you the human version of that first drop of water after being thirsty for hours. 

They’re the ones, which you do for the world around you, however small it may be. 

They’re also the ones that justify your reason to be alive; to have the power to give, and put ‘elation’ in every relation.

Sometimes, all it takes is a smile to make someone’s day. One doesn’t have to buy expensive gifts to cheer someone up. All it takes is an understanding show of a 32-gleaming set. All it takes is to walk up to the hungry man on the road, and take him out for lunch. All it takes is to live in a manner that won’t hamper the environment, by trying to give back whatever it offers us.

All it takes is to hold the hand of the child who gets bullied, and prevent it from happening ever again. All it takes is to spend time with those who have been abandoned and orphaned, to let them know that even they have a family.

All it takes is to buy that doughnut which the little boy is staring at, and buy all the roses that the little girl is selling, so that paying her school fees becomes a reality, step by step.

The fear of being taken for granted stops one from helping; but the ones who really need it will never do so, because they’re the ones who understand the true and real value of whatever they’re missing out on, and they wouldn’t ever take the granter for granted.

Days can be brightened by genuine smiles; mountains can be moved with those small deeds of love, empathy and compassion - with ‘empathy’ being the key word here. If you cannot put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you cannot walk with them whilst wearing a different pair. Understanding the other’s sole, and being there for them in whatever tiny way one can, makes his/her soul calm and satisfied. That’s the beauty of spreading the magic of kindness, rightly put by Mark Twain – “Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear, and the blind can see.”, deeply adding to your inner reserve of satisfaction and serenity.

Community service

Look down on someone only if you have to bring him/her up, because we start to rise only by being the jack in order to help one replace his/her flat tire.

Imagine illuminating someone’s dark corners. Imagine having that balmy ability and potential to make a huge difference in your own way, however small it may be. You make the world a better place by feeding and warming that hungry and freezing kitten searching for shelter on the footpath. You make the world worth a place to live in, by spending time with the forgotten, by spreading smiles and twinkling beams of kindness and joy for those who need it, by helping the fallen to stand up again, or being a catalyst(s) for the mentioned processes – it’s never about the amount; it’s about the genuine and heartfelt wish to bring magic into one’s life.

You can make this planet a less dangerous place by lending a tender hand and shoulder instead of overlooking others’ troubles, thereby paying off the unique rent for your room here on Earth, through the gladdening and highly gratifying process of doing service for the world around you.

Think about it.

Do you want to be one remembered just for your bank balance, or do you want to leave behind a better place, with your footprints in hearts of those you’ve ameliorated?