A Rolling Stone Gathers Moss, Maybe; Maybe not

Food for Thought

rolling stone


                He wakes up every morning, puts on his shoes and starts running. 

The image that the previous sentence portrays is perhaps of an athlete or someone who needs structure or discipline in life. You would be surprised but when I wrote it, the first person who came to mind was a writer. A very specific writer at that. In his semi-autobiographical book “What I talk about, when I talk about running”, Haruki Murakami says that the daily discipline of waking up every day running 6 miles on an average gives him the fuel to sit down for hours at a stretch and write.

I, for one, was baffled. His stories have a real creative spin to them. They are chaotic, and colourful. In fact, my first impression of the author when I read his stories was that of a hippie. Someone who has no rules, who lives denying everything that a system or discipline has to offer him.

This paradoxical, almost opposite reflections of my perception of the author and what he actually is in reality displayed an aspect of the creative process that I never encountered before.

When we put ourselves in a routine, or indulge in an act repetitively you could say that simple action becomes a form of meditation, somewhere we can reflect on our thoughts. Perhaps it is because, by daily indulging in the same act, we drill the act itself into our sub conscience and that act becomes nothing more than the peculiar swing of our arms when we walk.

The act becomes a part of us and our mind is then allowed to drift into the varied, virgin pathways of our brain thus providing us with wonderful creative outputs. But as some would say, creativity has no boundaries. Well, certainly not while making love. Imagine doing the same thing with your partner over and over again. I am pretty sure if you did, you better make future plans to visit relationship counsellor.

rolling stone

It is a thin line, we are looking for. Sometimes it works when we have a change of scenery. Travel is a great stimulant for people, creatively speaking (of course, not making love, well that too maybe, I wouldn’t know). But whatever the hell it is, I guess the important part when indulging in a creative process is to be completely immersed in it. To create something out of nothing. Yes, like babies. Exactly, like babies (Ok, I should stop now, well you get the point).

Perhaps rolling stone has gathered moss and it seems like the creativity lost its spark, but, for some creative minds this pale and stale repetition is rejuvenation.

Photography By: Utkarsh Sinha