Powerful Slytherin Vs. Righteous Gryffindor

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             All my life I have waited for that faithful letter to arrive; it never came. I’m still 19 so by “all my life”, I actually mean the best ten years of my life. Hogwarts had been my dream since I first saw the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’. No, I am not one of those who read the book prior to watching the movie. It was only few years later that I got smitten by the novels, so much so that I have read almost all of them, each no less than ten times. You can do the math.

Only in my later years of Hogwarts fanboyism I realised that I really wanted to get sorted into Slytherin rather than into the all-righteous Gryffindor. Of course like everyone else, I loved to see Gryffindor win and Malfoy get his butt kicked in public; but pondering a little more, added with a dash of maturity, I believed. I believed in Slytherin. I believed in its power and in how much J.K Rowling had carefully etched its reputation and royal heritage in her miraculous creation. Contrary to the popular understanding, Slytherins are not evil at all.

It’s like stating that all Muslims are terrorists; just a few of the most infamous ones happen to belong to their sect. They are great people, no doubt about it. It is but a fact that the greatest villain of this century of fiction happens to belong to this house, but that doesn’t deem the whole bunch in the You-Know-Who criteria. No one is born evil, no one is made inferior, and no one is a mudblood - unless life makes you believe in this mess.


Slytherin Gryffindor


If Hogwarts were The States, then Slytherin would closely resemble the Harvard University. It’s a respected house filled with students, majority of them belonging to the heritage society. Along with that comes their snobbery but who doesn’t like to flair a bit of classiness?

I would love to make some powerful friends. And one can learn a lot from power if learnt the right way. In the real world, all these connections can help you a lot. A lot more than just getting a shelter and some corned beef. I like the Weasleys, but I value the support of the Malfoys greater. All these years of honour and righteousness and where does Gryffindor lay? With a tarnished glory and rusted skeleton, it only has a shining history to substitute for its dark future. To support my point, all I have to mention is Eddard Stark. The rest is quite self-explanatory!

The occasional evil demeanour and the evergreen cunning looks just mean that the Slytherins mean serious business. I can’t imagine what they actually do in their dormitory but if I were to guess, it would be anything remotely close to drinking wine and discussing bourgeoisie politics while using their intellectualism for social networking. They must have an impressive wizard-world LinkedIn profiles. Unlike how many Slytherin alumni are portrayed, Severus Snape had made a major breakthrough in our hearts by the end of The Deathly Hallows. So did Draco Malfoy. Snape was not the teacher he wanted to be. He was the teacher what life demanded him to be. And to him, Harry’s safety mattered the most, more than his lost love. Remember Regulus Black? These characters have changed the thoughts we had shaped up about them, initially. And this means that the house is evolving.

More and more people are thinking and are being open to previously shunned ideologies. It is a new dawn for the house and the brightest one since the Battle of Hogwarts. And right now, all I can think about is this quote by the sorting hat:

“You could be great, you know, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.”