Play It Before You Say It

Food for Thought

Speak your mind


                      The simple truth is that the first man, or the first woman for that matter, was no expert in civilised behaviour. Like every other being on this planet, they too were animals that are saying they did what they felt like and if they had the ability to speak, they would have spoken without thinking twice. So what happened? Did we as a species become too timid for our own good? I bet there are some of us who would prefer to endure rather than speak out what’s troubling us. For don’t we see newspapers printing headlines of politicians who cannot help but put their foot in their mouths? Or have we forgotten what courage actually means? Take television, for instance, or the general visual media - it is filled with shows where people are portrayed as fearless heroes, ready to take on any evil the world is faced with; but is there at least one show which is ready to be politically, even morally incorrect, just for the sake of argument?

That is not even the most alarming issue. What we should be concerned about is that from birth, we are programmed to please others. Take the greeting “Good morning” for instance- what the students have to greet their teachers with or office colleagues to one another. In reality, that particular morning might be hell for that student who is still half asleep or the guy who has dark circles under his eyes because he had to stay up all night to do his boss’s job while his colleague slept peacefully without blinking an eyelid and yet, it is but our natural reaction to greet one another ‘Good morning’. What is this great need for feigning happiness when all one wants to do is lie down and curse the world?

Death - it is prominent everywhere, but hardly anyone talks about it. It is true that every sane man has thought about death at least once in his lifetime, but how many talk about it? Discuss it? On the contrary, if one is found talking about death, he/she is taken to the psychiatrist for therapy. Such is the joke of our present existence.

Speak your mind

Sex - everyone wants it, eventually does it but all are afraid to talk about it. Even our own Salman Khan is proud to acknowledge himself as a virgin. Bedroom affairs are locked in a closet. The most baffling thing is that even couples don’t talk about it to each other and often find it disgusting if the other talks about it openly. Sex is the most natural thing that has come to man, more natural than the habit we have drilled in ourselves like waking up in the morning and brushing our teeth. Fantasies and imaginations are shunned and now we find ourselves in almost a military regime controlled by two-faced moralists.

On that note, perhaps prostitutes are the only human beings who still have their sanctity intact. They aren’t ashamed of their job because they can’t afford to be. They don’t mind the truth because, to them, that is the only paradise. “You see she isn’t waiting for her prince charming. She can do much better by herself and she is doing it, maybe not because she wants to but because she has to.”

And in my opinion, there is no shame in that. While the government does everything in its power to stop me from claiming my own freedom, I shall defy it and scream “I earned this money with my hard work and I shall use it as I see fit and neither the kings nor the angels can stop me if all I want to do is spend it on fucking.”

I shall cry when I want to cry and laugh when I feel like it. I shall speak rubbish if I want to do so and shall be willing to be called an idiot if being honest with myself makes me one.
This is the brave that I shall bear in my stormy nights and irrelevant days.

And nobody can take my words away.