Pain Is Temporary; GPA is Permanent

In & Out



               What an awfully hot day it was! The terrible, terrible heat was scorching me from the insides. Yet, there I sat in that windowless classroom, folding a corner of the sports quiz paper. Sports! It was never my forte, nor is it now. I think football might be the only game I can understand without much assistance, thanks to the FIFA video game series. Oh no, I am deviating from the issue at hand again; let’s stick with the sports quiz.

I could hear a constant scratching sound. It was the guy next to me solving the paper at a rather vigorous speed. I viewed my paper again: “What sporting event has an end time limit of 70 minutes?”. I tried to eliminate as many plausible answer I could. It was neither cricket nor football, that much I knew. Being the last question of the paper, I gave up hopes of solving it and meticulously started thinking about movies. One thing led to another and I ended up remembering:

“Sattar minute hai tumhaare paas, shaayad tumhaare zindagi ke sabse khaas sattar minute …”

Every goddamn person in India knows the answer to that question. Who hasn’t seen ‘Chak de India’? I wasted no further time and swiftly wrote Hockey in the given space.

I believe that knowledge, regardless of its form, never goes wasted in one’s life. People might argue that watching the television or wandering off on YouTube is the most classic way to procrastinate. I’d say that one can gather much, much more useful data about the mechanics of life on an unknown YouTube channel rather than in some well known Quantum Mechanics book.


Game of life


In the best classrooms, grades are only one of many types of feedback provided to students.

People tend to misunderstand grades for success and get involved in the rat race of becoming successful, or might I say ‘grade-full’. This is more apt in India, where millions of students are tearing themselves apart for the school examinations, entrance examinations and what not.

What is the counterpart of getting an A+ in the grandest examination of all time - life? Did Tony Montana of Scarface score a lot of good grades in the movie? Did he write a test and got a nice rank to become the most powerful man in the city? Or did he fail in one subject and get murdered as a result?

Experience is the greatest teacher of all and I very much believe that there is not any form of grade to judge your experience. There are only two possibilities, either you know or you don’t. Black or white; dead or alive, if you know what I mean. There is no middle ground in the real life and that’s what upsets me the most. Institutional form of education has continuously failed in providing practical knowledge to students which they can apply in actuality. But what we have now, through cables and internet, is a privilege to our livelihood.

“Success isn’t final, failure isn’t fatal; it’s the courage to carry on which counts.”

Winston Churchill was truly a great personality. He kind of summarised everything I was trying to convey in one bloody quote. And why wouldn’t he? He’s bloody British!

I’m not saying that your life will be like Slumdog Millionaire where everything you have learned the “hard way” comes into real-life application. But experience is the greatest A+ you can ever get, isn’t it?

No wonder M still depends on James Bond to get the job done, no matter how old he gets.