Not Enough People Read These Days

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            You clicked on a link, and thus popped an article that you are just about to read. Be warned, traveler, there is no TL;DR version of this— either sit your ass down, or go watch porn or Game of Thrones or whatever.

You’re just too accustomed to being spoon-fed by the means of ‘visual aids’. You probably don’t even remember the last time you read ‘tree’ and imagined it without seeing the picture. You’re one of those who’d rather watch the movie than read the book, aren’t you? You sicken me.

With all these smart-schools, smartphones, and everything else smart, you’re the one going dumb.

Instead of using your own brain to paint the brightest of the paintings, you’re relying on that dark filter movie to imagine the morning view at a crime scene. Or using Daniel Radcliffe’s face to imagine Harry Potter. Generations of great authors gave their lives trying to enrich you with their beautiful art, and you’d rather watch VFX. That’s like having the internet, the greatest knowledge tool in the world, in your pocket, and using it to look at pictures of cats. You do even that, don’t you?

Watching a sitcom instead of reading a book


As a kid if you liked illustrated books, it was understandable. I mean, you’d hardly seen enough of the world to know what a ‘tall, grim looking, barrel chested man, pulling a gun out of its holster, with roaring thunder painting his menacing silhouette on the wall behind,’ looked like. But you probably ran out of most of those excuses by the time you were 10.

Seriously, when was the last time you rubbed one in without needing a set of fake badly done Double Ds to leer at on a screen? You can’t anymore, can you?

I don’t know what to attribute this to. Laziness? Lack of time? Illiteracy? I dunno. Point remains, that not enough people read these days. Talking about my own self, I used to be the guy finishing two to three five hundred paged books per week. To get lost in those worlds, that the real world couldn’t even come close to. And now I’m that guy who doesn’t even remember whether he had breakfast or not. 

There was this time when, “I travel a lot, books increase luggage weight” was a pretty valid excuse. Then came pdf readers in smart phones. But self proclaimed snobs dismissed that— “Ah, it’s not real enough”. Then came the Kindle. No, Amazon didn’t pay me for saying this. I wish they had, but they didn’t. Anyway, Kindle has electronic ink. That thing EXACTLY mimics a page of a book. No internal lighting is an option too, meaning you’re reading off of purely reflected light, which means that you carry thousands of books in a few grams of weight, and actually read it like a book. And the device doesn’t even cost that much, since you’re gonna download the books and not buy them anyway. Of course you can say, “there is no new book smell”, but you’re just being a bitch, and by that point even you know that.

All the rant aside, seriously, pick up a book. Drop a message in the box below the article, and I could suggest some to you. Get lost in the worlds within those pages, and find your new self. They’re not all crime thrillers. There are all sorts of them, each with a different thing to teach. And they’re not all of five hundred pages either. Maybe pick one up with fewer pages. That’d be a good place to start. Let your imagination fly instead of being bound by the characters and voices that are chosen on screen, that you may or may not like, after having millions of dollars thrown at them. You could do better in your mind, customise it to your liking, and it’s free! And those’ll be the best, most stress free times you’d have had in a long time. Go ahead, pick one up. Read it in parts at a time, if you don’t have the time. And see where it takes you. At the end of it, you’ll definitely have learnt something, even if that is to never read that author again.

You can thank me later.