Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Food for Thought



I request you to be patient with me, for your sake and mine.

I have a problem, and I’m hoping that you could help me with it.

I need to convince you about something.

You’re in college/in your 9 to 5 job and you’re always surrounded by the same group of people, day in and day out. It is a good thing; it is what is keeping you sane… for now.

You might even be happy, but are you truly?

It’s like you’re a bird with clipped wings, stuck in a monotonous rut of life. You want to do something about it, but you don’t … you make monetary or “sensible” excuses. I agree that these are important aspects, you cannot just shrug them away; but why not add something TO it, to break the boring pattern?

And, trust me, what I’m about to suggest does much more than that.

Let’s travel! You and me; it’ll be fun! If you can leave your ever-so practical mind behind, and listen to me, you will love this idea of mine. Earlier, people would cross boundaries to search for new lands, for prospective “candidates” for colonisation, or for trade.

The present scene is that people travel to get away from the humdrum of their lives.

But, I’m not suggesting that you travel with your friends or family. Let it just be us; you and me. Let us take a trip to the snow-capped mountains and see our breath in the chilling weather; let’s wear cozy sweaters and gloves and build a campfire alongside the frozen lakes. It’ll just be us revelling in simple solitude. Let us leave our inhibitions behind, and explore this world, which is an unlimited bounty of treasure, moments, knowledge and amazement.

How about flowery lands, with buzzing bees and the mellow wind? Oh god, I can hear your mind working out some excuse … what is it?


Yes, this is what you say all the time, but now, this shall not work as a valid argument. Why don’t you do some research about each place? You’ll soon realise that money isn’t the issue; your mind’s fondness to contradict me (and the truth) is the real problem.


So, you have to time to put yourself to the misery of endless monotony, but you don’t have time to put yourself out of this unfortunate misery. I refuse to believe that.

But, think about this. You’re discovering new things about new places; there isn’t anyone to tell you to do or not do something… you are on your own here. If you want to sit and chat with the locals for hours (oh, the joy!), we’ll do that. No one will be there to tell us not to.

C’mon, think about it.

Breathtaking scenes, refreshing journeys; antiques and souvenirs, museums and libraries, history… it all comes as a huge package wrapped in glittery paper, and I’m hoping that it’s attracting you by the second.

Open seas, coconut and palm trees swishing and swaying… ah! Pure bliss, I say.

Ancient palaces, kingdoms and havelis with so much history; villages resonating with peace and satisfaction with a simple life … doesn’t it all sound so appealing?

And, do you know what the best part about this is? It’ll just be us; we won’t have to tune our plans to match someone else’s; it’ll be a break in its very true sense.

Who knows, you might even meet someone to fall in love with! That depends on my choice, though (haha).


Wouldn’t you want to feel the gust of the wind in your hair, with no worries or care? Wouldn’t you want to leave the confined spaces (physically and mentally), and open your senses and mind to newer arenas, thus broadening your horizon?

You aren’t a bird with clipped wings, dear one. Your wings are waiting to hit the limitless sky, and make you experience happiness like you’ve never felt before. Think about it. From rustic scenery to royal settings; I will be your compass to help you map your way through this life.

I promise you, you will be left with nothing short of exhilarating and exuberant memories of Nature’s treasures, Man’s accomplishments, and the pleasures of travelling in solitude.

Only YOUR wish will be my command, there will be no one else to badger you or make you change your mind … how wonderful is that? After all, your priorities and likes will be different from others’; how nice it would be to see your say as the final one. It is in these moments, that you realise who you really are… the façade you put up (in front of the rest of the world) begins to melt away.

At that point in time, you’re truly you. You’re truly free.

The glistening water, the shimmery sand; the twinkling night sky, the cool breeze swaying the grass and your senses; snowfall whilst holding a hot cup of coffee/chocolate; places with history and memories, ancient lands and their local people; exquisite cuisines and traditions, Nature’s magical art and creations – They’re all waiting to be discovered and experienced by you.

Listen to me, dear child. I belong to you; I am your heart and intuition, speaking to you due to the frustration of being trumped by your black-and-white, practical mind all the time.
Give my thoughts a chance, open your mind and see the world through new windows (literally), and sunglasses (a must, for any trip).

Not all those who wander are lost; oh, what if it makes you find yourself?