Never Drink On An Empty Stomach

In & Out



There’s a bar at the edge of the universe. 

And everyone has their own ready. There’s the Holy Trinity sitting there. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. And all of them have their own drinks.

Remember the childhood? Time before that, you drank milk. It was your food and water. Then you graduated to juices and waters. And you loved to pretend to treat Apple Cider like white wine, or Grape juice like red wine. There was a charm about it which made you feel like a grown-up.

Then, you graduated to fizzy drinks: Sprite, Coke, Thums Up. And you enjoyed the various flavours, and the platters. And the servings - the curly straws, adding lemon to it for flavour and zing. Those were your first drinks that you knew were bad for you. And that brought the element of self-destruction in you.




Mixed drinks, like mixed feelings, confuse the soul.

As a rebel teenager, we’ve all had a beer by 16… well, most of us. And we hated the first sip. But then it grew on us. It was fun. It made you forget what was bad, and kept only the good. But you learned that beer is soft stuff. It doesn’t hit. If soft stuff made you feel light-headed and good, what effect would the real deal have? You were curious, weren’t you? You wanted to try at least once…

You came to college - young, wild, free… family left behind, and freedom at last! You learned to love alcohol. If things were good, it was a cheer to celebration, and if things were bad, it was a drink to forget. And you loved them both just the same. Alcohol gave you confidence. It made you love things that you never thought you’d love otherwise. Go back to your thought journal and flip through the pages of your mind - the best of your stories must be starting from: “Once, I was so drunk…”

You tried Whiskey, and on the days you were too broke for it, you resolved to everyone’s favourite: Old Monk Rum. And it was good! You had a liver of steel. And then you graduated in the world. Out of the small world that college had, and out of the fun and the freedom. Out of all of that. You liked the feeling of it, initially. But then the stress became too much. You resolved to office-sponsored TGIF parties. They were boring, and you hated these people. You drank for tolerance. You weren’t buying the drinks; it was office budget. So, something expensive and something strong. How about scotch?

And that hard stiff drink remained your favourite till your liver could tolerate. After that, you started giving up on alcohol. Green Tea was your new favourite. Made you look sophisticated, complimented your glasses, and your respectable reputation.

And then, things got real. You finally came to accept. Chai is your go to. And your best friend. It is that one drink, which is strong enough to wake you up, and perfect enough to keep you going through the day. Chai, you learned, is the one drink that would never age, and never kill you, and never make you forget. It would never make you do something you regret. Sure, no good story ever begins as, “Once, I had so much tea..”, but this is for those who learned that a drink is more than a good story. 

A good drink is a true soul mate.