Mumbai On My Platter

In & Out




I just woke up with a colossal hangover. Really need some grand breakfast to get it out of my system.

Petrol? Check! Club masters? Check! Bag? Check!

Time to go out for a spin on my Vespa.


The traffic has been punishing, but here I am in Goodluck Café opposite Mehboob Studios in Bandra Bandstand. This is really one of the most iconic places to have a good, cholesterol-rich breakfast and I am not 40 yet to think about these things.

The shawarmas are immaculate, but what Goodluck Cafe is known for is their heart melting ‘Kheema Ghotala’. They are to die for, seriously!

Being one of the last of its breed of Iranian cafes, I love their food and visit here frequently with friends. This time it was my Vespa, some good old chicken shawarma and me.



I am busy cruising on my scooter. I can smell the sea - its breeze lifting my hair and my spirits. Not long before I find myself staring across Taj Land’s End and I think to myself, “Bas bhai! Kitna jayega aur?”

I meet my friends shortly afterwards.


I am in Musician’s Mall (Charni Road) right now with some friends and previous band-mates. This place brings back a lot of old memories from when we used to come here back in our Junior College days. The thing is, back then we were broke and now a friend was buying a Fender Telecaster (yes, It’s worth a lot!).

I am a sucker for some good old blues and the classic Telecaster, so it was indeed sublime to get a hands on experience of this beauty. It’s one of the best experiences in the world - ‘nuf said.


We are getting really hungry now. Time to hit the road.

It’s really awesome to have a rich friend who can drive you around without fidgeting about your scooter, which is parked at his house. In addition to that, it is his birthday so his treats are a bonus.

This doesn’t happen usually. We have to shell out our own moolah to get fed, but Rohan was feeling very generous today. We picked up some friends in his car and rushed to Wok Hei in Lower Parel. This would be the second time I’m using the word ‘sucker’, but I indeed am a sucker for south-east Asian food. I usually say this to my friends that no matter what happens, they can always, ALWAYS, treat me to some good wontons.

Here’s a suggestion: If you ever find yourself in Wok Hei then do try their wide varieties of Wontons and, of course, their expertise in Thai curries. There are indeed better places like Mainland China or Marimoto but none can beat the price and quantity at Wok Hei.


Nothing much is happening right now. My parents convinced me to take out a family friend for shopping so we hit the main road to Phoenix Market City, Kurla. I did get my dad’s car, but he was seriously angry with me for leaving the Vespa at Rohan’s.

Kurla was a bad decision, the culprit being traffic, but you have got to take a woman where she wants to go. Also, she’s kind of family so I couldn’t decline.


I am glad that I’m only paying for the petrol and the coffee. I am not even bothered to ask the price of those shoes. Damn that dress … I hope my dad could see this and realise that I really don’t spend that much money.


Sneha was sweet enough to invite me at her friend’s party at TGIF, Palladium Mall. To be frank, drinks aren’t an issue and no one, NO ONE, asks for an ID proof. I don’t need to tell anyone about the food at TGIF (and also the number of Vodka shots I had). There was indeed this really hot girl from Sneha’s college, but I felt a bit stranded.

A few fries and a bottle down, I call up Rohan to come pick me up. Sneha could just go home with her friends, no business of me pestering in there.


My head pains severely and I wake up on a couch. And I am intensely hungry. It was a good thing that Rohan’s parents weren’t at home so the 3 of us (Samar too) decided to have a sleepover at his place. But I was literally in no mood for beer or playstation.

“Bohot bhuk lagi hai yaar..”

“Bademiyan chalna hai?”


I am feasting over the Mutton Bhuna rolls and some kebabs at Bademiyan with Rohan and Samar by my side. That’s the thing about Mumbai - it never sleeps! Even at 2 in the night, Bademiyan was bustling with foodies from all over the place. Plus, it’s located just opposite to the Taj Mahal Palace and being one of the legendary places in Mumbai to serve Mughlai food, everyone is here! The place closes at 3 AM approximately, so we had to leave soon.

Away we went on a roll on the Marine Drive. The sea breeze lifting my hair, and my soul. I see few couples resting around as we make our way towards the Sea Link. I feel sad about my singularity, but I do have awesome friends. As I see the skyline glimmer on the sea, I feel that I’m a part of something very grand.

My breath fogs up the glass as I say, “I love you, Mumbai…

Photography By: Sagar Baraskar