Men - Why Not To Pay For Lunch On Your Next Date

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“So do you know what I am thinking about right now?” She asked me. “No” I replied. How would I know what’s going on in her mind! I know, I know, we have heard this cliché a lot of times. In fact such a popular question this is that even a movie was made on it - “What women want”, starring Mel Gibson.

So what do women want? To be more specific… what do women want from us, men? So I decided to google it and various newspapers, starting from The Times of India to various online forums have tackled this question and found themselves unable to answer it.

But why ask such a question? Are we men so desperate to get into women’s panties? Apparently yes. We have a tendency to think with our “dicks”,so to speak and no matter how many men deny, it is true that we have a huge sexual appetite. So does that mean that women don’t like sex? I would think not. But this might also be the reason as to why there is so much of oppression against women. One might say that the mentality of men might go something like this. Since we have wooed them for so long and we have fought long and hard for them and now that they are with us, we own them. But then this is just my theory and I have no facts to prove this. But such thinking is possible among men.




Perhaps the prince charming and the beautiful princess are myths we have told ourselves to make our lives interesting and that is where our problem starts. Maybe, just maybe if we start being true to ourselves we might start to admit that the cutest/ hottest guy or the sexiest girl isn’t the best for us. Well I am not denying that physical attraction is superficial. It does play a part in the man-woman game. But to get to know the other half as an equal human being, with their own perspective and ideas, now that might lead to lesser discrimination against either of the sexes!

Well honestly I wouldn’t know. I am just the guy who watches movies on Saturday nights with a cup of instant noodles. But I know chivalry is a wasted quality. The more you use it, the more it rots you.

So now you know what to do, the next time a girl asks you to pay for the lunch…

And boy will she be surprised.