Make Love, Not War

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               I woke up today morning and switched on the news. Homosexual (gay) marriages had been made legal in the United States of America and the whole world was going gaga about it. To start off the list, 9GAG and George Takei in Facebook showed an open support for this LGBT cause and garnered a lot of respect and love from people around the world, along with some frowns from the intolerants.

Love has finally won and I think that we can expect similar forms of legal amendments in many liberal countries universally. Homophobia and intolerance still remain an issue around the world and, nonetheless, the issue is quite big. Large nations such as Russia and India, of course, have criminalised the ‘Gay’ status of people and, to say the least, it is an offence of the highest status to indulge in such activities in the Islamic states. Suddenly, all the racist and homophobic Hindus want more of Muslims in India. The Bible and the Quran have forbidden same-sex relationships; at least that’s what the majority of the intolerants are commenting.




“Marriage is the union of a man and a woman”.

These are one of the most subtle comments and passes made by the junta to show their disapproval of the new laws. The other not-so-subtle comments being:

“The gays should remember that they were born only because their parents were straight.”

“From Adam and Eve to Adam and Steve.”

I believe it is the fundamental right of a person to love anyone he or she might want to. Without the apparent indulgence of the government. The major issue that we, as an intelligent population, face today is the effect of culture and the insurmountable ego of those implicating them. Somewhere in my heart, I feel that these people fear change. And why shouldn’t they? It is not fiction that the numbers of religiously active people in this world are decreasing by the day. That directly indicates to the loss of their power and influence. Sati was also a tradition - a major one. And many cried foul of the people who tried to abolish it. It really felt unnatural to them; to those feeling unnatural about the freedom of LGBT marriages, chill! They are making love, not war!

It will indeed take much time for all the orthodox people around to gulp down this fact of same-sex union and it may not be gulped down at all in some nations. But we, as human beings, shouldn’t self-impose ourselves onto someone else’s choice. That is the idea of Democracy, isn’t it? At least the one we marched for.

In India, it will indeed take a considerable amount of time for the dark clouds to clear but with the USA showing the way, I suppose our LGBT community can again dream of walking free.

Plus, it’d be a major relief to our 1.3bn phenomenon!