It Takes Both Rain And Sunshine To Make A Rainbow

Food for Thought



                We’re all surfers, trying to stay above the ups and downs when the waves of happiness and sadness come to greet us. Initially, we begin with shaky legs and uncertainty but we learn to weather the storm after a period of timely experiences meant for us to grow as individuals.

Of course, we want every moment of our lives to be perfect. If that were to happen, everything would be smooth, fun, joyful and as boring as that one teacher who always manages to make you zzzz your way through the lecture. Suppose you were to watch a movie/read a book where everything is hunky dory, without any twists and drama, would you like it?

No one would. I know, it’s ironic how our low moments are the ones that add drama and masala to the pages of our chapters.

Imagine this – you’re sitting in the front row for an opera. Each segment starts with a low hum, followed by a gradual increase in pace after which the high notes are held for a while.

What would you do if someone came and told you that they just played your tunes?

It would be legit because that is how we all are living. The low hums of our lives are stepping stones to the highs; both are like yin and yang – incomplete without each other.




It’s okay to feel sadness. No food item is complete without that most important ingredient, right? So, it’s all right for you to feel low; take it with a pinch of salt! Pitying one’s own self and asking “Why me?” is rather unfair because each and every one of us goes through our valley moments, most of which differ in nature, literally.

As we keep see-sawing through our time on this planet, we should remember that it’s okay to be sad …

After a breakup
after a bad paper
after a not-so-yummy dinner
After Kim K breaks the internet
after watching the episodes of Game of Thrones
after whatever makes you upset.

It could be anything. Try to not hurry up the process of feeling happy because that will make it worse. The trick lies in being patient with your own self and letting you heal enough to be ready to meet your next joyful moment with more zeal. Whenever the speed breakers come, slow down like you do while travelling on the road. Take your time and only hit the accelerator when you’re ready.

It will seem, and even be, very tough; just go with the flow, be calm and slowly wait for your even stronger exterior to build up.

This world is a wonderful place with the right amount of blue. For example – Smurfs.

The blues will be the reason for our “ROFL” moments ten-twenty years from now. Ups and downs are a part of all our lives until we take our last breath, where even our heart monitor goes from up and down lines to a line as flat as a table.

Sketch By: Ashna Panesar