The Lie Of Monogamy

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           She asks me “Why do you love me?” And all I can say is that, “Because you are all that I want. You complete me.”

It’s romantic, but is it true? Do I not want that hot chick that just passed me by in the see through T-shirt and tights? Do I not lust for the works of art that I have seen in pornography? Do I not wish for someone who would really understand me in all completeness instead of this insecure, low self-worth, self loather that I am explaining myself to right now?

God is a sick comedian. With the advent of virtues and sins in the minds of animals, we were able to see the animal with the weirdest female counterpart of all: Homo sapiens sapiens.

In the mentality that we are biologically programmed, every male is naturally wired to impregnate as many females as possible. This is why males can ejaculate every day more than once, while females once fertilised cannot get pregnant. The females on the other hand, since they don’t have infinite ammo, have been wired to choose the “best fit” male partner, who will probably produce the most suitable offspring. In perspective, this strategy is impeccable, like a business model of perfect competition. There is a high demand from the consumers and the producers try to maximise their overall sale of goods. Many producers and somewhat invariable resource means that there is a continuous competition for the buyers and the quality of product is constantly looking to be improved.



Needless to say, that system fails today. With monogamy, jealousy, and insecurity in the minds of all, we are stuck in an unhealthy metal balance. Emotion argues with logic, comfort argues with efficiency, and literature argues with science. Every guy who has been in a serious relationship knows the fight that must be fought with the genitals to avoid breaking his significant other’s heart. So when she raises such questions, honesty is not always the best policy.

“Don’t you think she’s hot?”

Fuck yes I do, but can I say that to you without three days of snide comments and I’m fines? 

“She’s not as hot as you are.”

It’s excruciating, but we have to fight our natural urges because these days there is a code of conduct in our society. Those who say they don’t struggle, are just lying. They have just learnt to control it really well but it’s there.

Don’t misinterpret what I am saying though.

Men are equally as devoted to partners as women. Love is a mutual feeling that they experience. Albeit men tend to have higher biological inclinations to cheat, women have these inclinations too.

But the truth is that, when a guy tells a girl “You’re the prettiest girl in the world”, what he really wants to say is “I don’t care about the stretch marks, the pimples, the fat rolls, the hair, the spots, or the smell. I accept it all as a part of you. I love you for whatever you are.”

While we can’t openly discuss this topic because every female wishes a fairy tale, where she is princess and her prince is dreamy, we do understand that a similar case exists for the females. Men wish for a princess in the streets who’s a nympho in the sheets, and when they suddenly realize that they are trying to be with an actual human being with flaws and demands, things can sometimes get really abrupt.

I could blame porn and chick flicks for ruining the lives of both genders, but meh. Stories and tales were told since time immemorial. I can imagine a cave man making a sad face with his beard and mono-brow when he realises that having a female does not mean she will blow him every morning.

Photography By: Kanika Narang