Less Curious About People And More Curious About Ideas

Food for Thought



                It’s like a popcorn carnival inside our mind which acts like a microwave or an oven for it. Something or the other keeps popping up and down. The raw seeds begin to turn into fluffy and yummy circles of joy or sorrow. That is decided by us, depending on our cooking skills.

What is that “something”? It’s a beautiful thing without which life would be dull and samey. I’m talking about an ‘idea’. (No, I’m not “ullu banaoying”).

It could be about anything, ranging from a ‘hallelujah’ moment to a not-so-eureka one. It occurs to everyone from every walk of life and through every waking moment of our time on this great stage created by Him (or whatever you believe in), where we are the puppets of destiny, fate, and the puppeteers too, through our actions. These tiny but massively magical elements are present in everyone’s minds, and yet only some act on them.


Like I said, it’s a popcorn bonanza up there. So, to reach that stage of being yummy and palatable, it requires heat, right? This heat is emanated by your desire and passion. These two fireballs can set one’s grey cells ablaze in no time, and it will be buttered by your determination, vision and hard work to make it a smooth sail. Like I said, your cooking skills decide what the future of that/those wonderful little idea(s) will be. If you undercook it, it will never see the sunlight. If you overcook it, you’ll probably find yourself losing your sanity over it.


The setting and surroundings are very important too. If you’re turning your mind into a playground where negative thoughts are sliding around, playing “really appear-and-seek” out there, then it’s not a very pleasant scene for anything good to germinate, unless you tell yourself to make it a more conducive atmosphere by thinking about happy and positive things. It might be tough, but if you want to reach the peak of the maize kernels, then you’ll have to make a ‘NO ENTRY’ sign for the pessimistic and gloom-ridden units.

Once you have the fire going, with the perfect setting and temperature of positivity around it, along with the flavours of your dedication, great efforts, grit, resolve, tenacity and patience, it’ll all fall into place and you’ll soon enjoy the ecstasy of your perfectly puffy white-bites of joy.

An idea is a magnificent thing which enters into one’s mind without even trying; it could be triggered by any incident or a picture. It could be anything! It is all up to us; whether we decide to utilise this power or not. Unless they are evil or bad ideas, although some bad ideas often end up to be one of our best and put us right on the path for a brighter future, but you know what I mean. Nothing can beat the elation felt when one’s gingerly done thought process and a plan ends up in a fruitful and successful union. It’s when you realise that the gorgeous ideas in your brain are a bane only if you don’t drain out the bleak concepts and beliefs; doesn’t rest until they’re slain.

You’re alive. You symbolise everything containing life. You’re unique, and so is your mind. Not everyone gets this gift and luxury of having ideas swimming around in the mazes of your grey matter, and it’s time you started nurturing yours before it’s too late. Time and tide wait for none, start now and don’t stop until you’ve won!

Sketch By: Venkateshwari Sivakumaran