Joyriding: The First Taste Of Intoxication




                     I gulp it down. Nothing happens. The aftertaste is bad. Really bad. Yuck! It didn’t go the way I had expected it. I always thought alcohol to taste good. I thought that’s why people drank it. Right? Anyways, I don’t feel anything, so I take a couple of more shots of the whiskey.




My stomach feels warm. I get an urge to pee. I stand up and whoooosh! My coordination feels messed up. Ok, now I think the alcohol is hitting me. I’m a bit nervous. My friends make me down another drink. I feel happy. I’m talking to everyone, even with the people with whom I won’t talk normally. I feel confident. The dim lights in the bar are perfect for the mood. Music is good and soothing. My body feels relaxed and calm. The night is good and I’m enjoying. I can talk to anybody! Want to hear a joke? Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine. One more – Why did the skeleton go to the party alone? Because he had no body to go with him! I get up and stagger my way to the washroom door. I find a friend inside and I start hugging him and telling him how nice he is and we should hang out together often. I go and have a couple of more drinks. I am on the dance floor and I’m dancing. I’m the boss and the king of this town. Where the fuck is my beer? I light a cigarette, but soon find that I lit it from the wrong side. I find that friend again (the one I met in the washroom) and he is like “Bro you see that girl?” And pointed at a really hot, mind my words, chick. “I’ll give her 9 on 10”. I replied, “I’ll give her 10”, and I ask him to hold my beer. I reach up to that girl’s table, unable to stand straight. She is with her friends. I ask her name and she asks me to back off. I am wasted. I tell her to shut her mouth and whatnot. My friend pulls me and hands me my beer. I am so happy to have my cold, chilled beer.

I am out of the bar now. It feels like everything is fading. I’m fucking wasted. Can’t stand properly. Need a smoke! Someone get me a smoke. “Hey taxi, you wanna go to Russell Street?” “Yeah”. “Then go! Who the hell is stopping you? Hahaha!”. “Stupid Drunkards! To hell with you”. That was funny. Wasn’t it?




“Hey man, wake up!! You can’t sleep here. It’s private property”. It’s morning. I manage to pick myself up and find myself in someone’s garden. I have no knowledge how I got here. I don’t feel hungover but my head feels a little messed up as if I’m still drunk. I’m thirsty and I try to recollect what happened last night. I’m laughing at myself about what all happened last night. I wasn’t really myself and strangely I have no guilt about yesterday. I think I’ll try it again sometime later. Life is awesome.

Photography By: Divyank Sinha