If You’re Going To Doubt Something, Doubt Your Limits

Food for Thought



यहाँ मूतना मना है!”
यहाँ थूकना मना है!”
ऐसा मत करो!”

Silliest of doubts and pettiest of the problems. Words exaggerated and situations personified. Doubt- a word that sabotaged zillions of emotions and millions of existences. A word that doubts you!

A new born baby, a tissue mingled, an emotion embossed. Rising up, a bit baffled and a bit oblivious, unaware of claps and clowns, asks himself, “Do I exist?” Time flies and he realises and clears the hazy pictures of REAL and REEL.

Dad chocolate dila do.” because childhood happened. That feeling, those days, that unfounded humour. Phases of life pass by and rise of questions and mixed emotions increases. Somewhere between “School kyun nai jana hai?” and “Itna late kaise ho gaya?”, we made a picture of life.



Every questioned question and every unanswered answer creates an empty lane. Lane that traversed through conflicts.A war between yes and no starts every day and ends on the road not taken. But between every yes and no there lies an urge. An urge to rebel, an urge to stand and an urge to create.

“Kaash ye ho pata.”
“Kaash maine ye kiya hota.”

The sentence that always acted as a pain killer.

You know if you would have taken a stand, questioned yourself, asked that urge to expand and lit that spark into the fire, these lines would never come into the picture.

Questions expanded and answers minimized,

Doubt expanded and urges minimized,
Thought expanded and rebellion minimized.
A bird needs a nest, but a lion needs a cave.

So roar, roar to prove your existence and not doubt it. Roar to take a stand, roar to do, and roar to destroy the silliest of ‘NO’.

Because history awaits you.