I Want To Do Everything And I Am Horribly Limited

In & Out



I am a part of this infinite circle of life.

People come and go, day in and day out. New technology is created as each second passes by. There are so many hidden cities and villages waiting to be tapped for our eyes’ delight. There are so many galaxies, which are yet to be explored, so many lives, which are yet to be identified. There are so many adventure sports that are yet to be tried; so many movies and songs yet to be seen and heard.

There is so much of magic yet to be seen.

Life, rather, this world – is infinite. Every molecule present here is something massive. Each nook and corner is brimming with untouched magic, waiting to be discovered and experienced.

This world is painted and smeared with innumerable colours. There are shadows, and yet there are shades. The old exist along with the new.

The Greek mythology suggests that humans walked on this planet in pairs – four legs, four hands, and double the amount of grey matter. Imagine the amount of things we could experience and explore if we still existed in that form.

And yet, even they could not do it all.

There is always the nagging question of whether to specialise or enjoy the panoramic platter that life offers. Although we may say that we want to concentrate on only one thing, we are lying right through our gleaming teeth. We want to see everything. Dance on every song, know how to play every instrument, read and write in every existing language – we want to do it all.

Be everything we want to be.

Be everyone.

Be you, through the amalgamation of each and every element and aspect of this Universe.

We want to be shaped into everything we love and everyone we know and get inspired by, because we feel that whatever wins our approval, and wins the world’s as well.

I want to travel extensively and visit every possible place on Earth. I want to be softhearted like Ma, and worldly-wise like Dad. I want to be able to paint and strum the sweet strings of guitars and cellos. I want to amass knowledge about everything; bring ameliorating changes in everyone’s lives, enhance the world and mine too.

And, I cannot.

I want to experience every situation for the good and the bad; I want to get married to the same man in every country; I want to become a doctor and save lives; I want to become a famous author residing on our planet.

I want to delve into the hidden meanings and purposes behind every motive and event; I want to learn sign language, create shelters cum schools for the underprivileged, and understand the science behind Astrology.

I want to understand the serendipity of it all.

Yet, I cannot.

I want everything to harmoniously co-exist like yin and yang; bring happiness into everyone’s lives, and grow with every individual rather than trampling on them. I want to be compassionate like my grandmother, and indifferent like my grandfather. I want to be a clinical psychologist and a painter too. I want to be a graphic designer, and a mountaineer too.

Yet, I cannot be them all.


There is so much to learn out there, to be out there. But, if we all were to be everywhere, be everyone and do everything, our unique identities would fly away to a far faraway land. Everyone would be like the other one, do and accomplish the same things, with the only difference being that they would walk on the face of this planet with different faces (oh, that can be solved too, though) and different names.

The words ‘indigenous’, ‘unique’ and ‘different’ would probably fade away from every dictionary; ‘you’ and ‘I’ would start to become synonymous.

Plus, the world is infinite, yet limited. Limited resources, limited inventions in one’s time due to a limited lifespan; life is depicted as being limitless, yet it has boundaries. Unseen walls are not visible for a reason, maybe because sometimes, we aren’t ready to climb them.

Or maybe life is messing around with us.

Maybe, whatever we accomplish, whatever we experience – is what makes us. Whatever leaves us feeling incomplete and hollow creates a flawed human being only to rise into remembrance.

Maybe we weren’t born to do it all. As humans, maybe we aren’t ready to do it all, even if we might want to, with all our heart(s).

Maybe it’s because the world is limited.

Maybe because, I, as a human, am horribly limited.

Sketch By: Sneha Lakhotia