How Many Times Has Your Brain Played Tricks On You?

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                 Isn’t it funny how we decided on the word ‘brain’? We just decided to name the thing that decides what to name everything? The mind is, according to me, a separate entity. It decides things on a whim, it doesn’t care what you think.

“I have to finish this assignment today. Don’t want to delay it till the last day.”

“Assignments suck. How about some T.V. instead?”

Oh well, at least you tried.

The mind does what it pleases. Unless you threaten it like you would a little child, it continues to lead you wherever it wishes, and that may be to simple joys, dangerous vice, or a crime. Conscious threats about the consequences are so necessary to control the mind that it takes only a few mistakes to understand it is not on your side.

“At this moment, don’t think about Barrack Obama Riding a Unicorn.”

“Hmm, Obama. President of the U.S.A.? Did you succeed?”

“What colour was the suit he was wearing?”

“Oh, was he not wearing a suit?”

Reading those four sentences, if you didn’t think of Barrack Obama I can say that you must be doing very well academically. Distracting the brain is so difficult, but it distracts without breaking a sweat. It holds great power, and yet it wields it like a child: curious, playful, carefree, or even naughty. What is thought, really? If it is something of our own, why do we have no control over it? Why did you find that teacher so attractive and distracting in all your fantasies, despite knowing the said teacher would never be yours? Why does that breakup break a mind so bad that despite everything that one person cannot in any way change anything in your life by leaving? Look around; there is no shortage of people, big and small, smart and funny, young and old, yet all temporary.




“I shouldn’t drink more, I will surely lose control. Probably, I am going to puke. No More Drinking.”

“Oh look, that friend that you don’t care about really. But he looks like he is having fun today, let’s have a shot with him then”

“No brain! No more shots!”

“No more shots. Understood. Cocktail it is. That isn’t as bad as a shot, is it?”


“No more drinking alcohol. Ok. What about this friend’s leftover drink?”

You wake up with a hangover worthy enough to have a movie filmed about it, and a missed-call list long enough to make you understand you won’t be forgetting what you forgot last night for a very long time.

You really want to blame your mind. You want to say that it’s its entire fault. Who will listen? It’s exactly like having a child. The child messes up something and you are humiliated. The child forgets within a few hours, ready to make the same mistake again. You learn immediately, but your mind doesn’t.

“I read this last night. Why can’t I remember this answer?”

“Baby Baby Baby Oooooooohh! Baby Baby Baby Noooooooohh!”

“Shut up and tell me the answer to this question!”

“Thought you’d always be mine! Mine!”

“Oh well…. LUDA! When I was thirteen …”

->>> and after the paper...

“Helmholtz-Lewinsky Process”


“The answer.”


The fact that you can’t focus on the chapter you are reading, but you can clearly sing the lyrics of Justin Beiber’s “Baby” despite of the fact that you told everyone that you hated the song. It is sick how selective the memory is - how easily we forget the names of people who we surely meet a while later. How at the moment, we never remember the right word for the sentence. How we find the perfect response to someone’s argument a day after when it was supposed to come to us.




“T.V. Shows!”

“What are my parents saying?”

“What an idiotic thing did Kanye West say in that interview?”

I guess it is our fault also to an extent. There is control. If others can do it (God only knows how), then so can you right? Where can we find this control? Is it available on Flipkart? What is the price of this control? Will I have to sell my soul for it? Will I have to sacrifice sixty-six point six virgins for it?

You have no power here! This is my domain, I am the ruler!

How about we strike a deal?

What deal?

Ice cream and your favourite songs after we get over with this work.

But working is irritating.

“You know what is more irritating? That idiot being really sassy and sarcastic, asking about the work”

“I do hate sassy comments. Alright, let’s see what can be done. Belgian chocolate ice-cream… afterwards.”

Photography By: Kashmira Sequeira