Have You Ever Slept Through An Exam?




I slept through it.

Falling always seemed so easy. A slight nudge and a blank mind; that’s all what is required to fall. I am falling into this abyss of twisted darkness, getting covered from head to toe in its dark matter as the sound in the background fades away. My body twitches for a while and I feel someone’s touch and BANG; white.

I woke up on something much finer and whiter than sand.

‘Is it a beach?’

I heard waves crashing on rocks behind me. I turn around and see the vast expanse of an ocean I didn’t know about. I decide to keep on walking away from the shore. There had to be someplace where the sand ended. Oh, I needed someplace cold, yet warm. A city perhaps; and a toilet! It was indeed an emergency.




I heard some noise which began to get louder and louder as I could see the end of the rows of palm trees. I could see a road and, a few more meters away, a toilet; at last! Truly, only men know the relief of relieving themselves. I truly needed some directions right now. And a breakfast would have been nice, or is it lunch time now? A man in tweeds came out from one of the doors of the toilet and started to wash his hands beside me at the sink.

‘Excuse me, could you tell me the time please?’

He looked at me with the most uninterested eyes I have ever seen in my life.

‘Well, most certainly.’

He takes out his wallet from the back pocket and beneath lies his cell phone.

‘Thirty eight past eleven,’ he said swiftly while flipping his cell phone close.

Time for a brunch it seems. What wouldn’t I give to have croissants and hot chocolate? Wait, I didn’t have any money on me. The door just slammed shut; he left. But his wallet was still on the sink. I grabbed it and rushed out through the door to find the man. The street was different now; there were a lot of people but there wasn’t the person I was looking for. I opened his wallet; some euros and no identification documents. Well, he wouldn’t mind if I took out some money, would he?

The hot chocolate was nice indeed and its taste was still in my mouth. As I walked through the bridge I felt it again. The fall had struck me again. This time I fell even deeper and I struck something hard; a chair. I had traveled back in time. It was the same room I was in, about a year ago. The girl ahead of the person sitting diagonally right to me had the same paper as mine. While everyone had their heads in attempting the JEE, I was trying to figure out how to copy. I looked at the paper again, o that dreadful paper:

‘Who would win in a fight between Batman and Captain America?’

Strange. The question was legitimate, only it had no options. I searched through the paper; blank. My paper was blank and I called the invigilator to check. His face seemed familiar and for some reason reminded me of the actor Ralph Fiennes.

‘Yes, Master Potter?’

Master Potter? What did he just call me? He took out his wand and started to tap it on my paper. I always wanted a wand. ALWAYS.

‘Is that a wand?’ I took his wand from his hand and flicked it. The whole classroom came to a standstill. As if there wasn’t an unbearable silence before, but now it seemed that a pin would create an explosion if it hit the ground. Everyone was looking at me and the classroom speakers started to play ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson. Funny, it was the alarm tone in my phone too. WAIT.

My fall was complete. 12 in the noon instead of midnight, I forgot to change the pm to am and now I missed my Electronics test in college just for the sake of studying for the same; in the night.

Maybe the hot chocolate and the wand were too good to be true. I couldn’t believe I had slept through the test. But I wasn’t sad, for I knew it was time. Who gives a fuck about the test anyway?

Time to fall again.

Sketch By: Venkateshwari Sivakumaran