Go, Have An Affair

Food for Thought



        I sit on top of a mountain, reminiscing. Strong winds blow- dry my hair for me and I look up to the sky, the bluest sky I have ever seen, with tiny symmetrical clouds splayed all over. Oh! It’s beautiful.

I sit on a rock; half of which is submerged in the sand and sea. I leave my legs dangling and let the water caress them, every wave tingling my feet. I look up and see a tousled and gorgeous sky; blue, violet and purple with tinges of silver and shades of orange on the edges.

I am tired and pretty much dead after a three hour trek, and I think, “Thank god it’s about to end.” “The view is worth all the sweat”, says the experienced trekker next to me (this is his 5th time). I DO NOT believe him. We reach the top; a cool wind wipes away my sweat. I sit down and breathe in the pure dark air. I can see the twinkling lights of the whole city below, orange and black with specks of white. I look up and try to find the sky, because it is covered (and by covered I mean not an inch left open) by twinkling silver stars and shooting stars which come and go by in seconds. He was right, the view is worth the sweaty mess I am. We lie down in our sleeping bags, stars above, the city below and cold winds in between.

Clearly I have a thing for skies, mountains and beaches; its way beyond that actually, I’m smitten by them. It’s very recent too, my love affair with them. I leave them and right away wish to never be separated. It’s extremely strong; this attraction. They call out with open arms and a smirk because they know I will come. Have you ever experienced this, this feeling of never wanting to depart from a place? It’s exhilarating and comforting because I know they are never going to leave me. They will stand strong and rooted. The truth is our affair really started out as a fling. All I would want is a break from the city life; so I would end up at any of the small hills outside the city. It would be a weekend affair. I would go, enjoy myself and come back to my unremarkable routine. I didn’t know at that time that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


Now, it’s the opposite. Every day feels like a drill I go through blindly. Quite frankly, it’s unsettling. Now, I wonder how I ever got by. I believe I am falling for them; this casual affair is turning into love, the kind that lasts forever. Oh! It wasn’t easy at first; I had to work through it. Make time, and put in hard work. It took a lot of grit (pun intended), worn down muscles and patience to appreciate them. Let me tell you this, our love affair is extremely rewarding. It’s in the waves that crush against my feet as they try to take me with them; it’s in the mountains that tell me a different story every time I sleep peacefully on their lap; it’s in the winds that whisper sweet nothings in my ear. When I get to meet new, different and mad people like me, it’s their gift to me. I know I’m getting extremely unrealistic and poetic. Well, have you ever felt this, a need to leave your inhibitions behind, and explore this world which is an unlimited bounty of treasure, moments, knowledge and amazement? If you have, then you know. If you haven’t, then I urge you to go and search for it. Close your eyes and let yourself imagine. Find the one thing that is only for you- the one who is there for you always, the one who will be exclusively yours forever. It doesn’t have to be mountains, and sky. It could be something or someone very different, and perhaps even completely bonkers (yes, I just said bonkers). Don’t think too much on it. It’s not too late. As Nike says, ‘Just do it’. Maybe it’s time. And I promise it will be worthy of your time. Take a deep breath and go, have an affair.

Photography By: Kanika Narang