Every Genius Is Bound To Be Naive

Food for Thought


               College is often regarded as the place you meet your actual friends, your kinfolk (in a way). It is. Where you meet individuals who share similar interests with you and are in the same predicament. A lot of them become our brothers-in-arms while some we see as colleagues, but every once in a while, we come across people who have something special in them. They have a capacity for abstract thought and I mean it in the most general sense of the word.

The best thing about it is that you’ll find these people in the least unexpected of places. It’s usually the ones who no one thinks much ofI like to call these people ‘Underground poets’. They are the ones who hardly showcase their talents in public. The only people who get to see it are their tightly-knit group of friends.


One thing I’ve learnt is that people never cease to amaze. There’s so much that is yet to see. If you want to see diversity in all aspects of life, visit a college. Or rather specifically, visit an engineering college. The hostel, I think, is the best part. That is what nightlife means to me. Not the supposedly fun clubs that the media tries to sell. It is where you can see what really lies inside the seemingly lifeless bodies in the classrooms. High on life (among other things), one can see how, as the night progresses, one can hear the strumming of guitars and voices echoing in the hallways. Another part might reveal to you all the gamers as they prepare to start their gaming session. Somewhere else, hackers and intellectuals sit together and try to brainstorm their next venture. Outside in the fields, one can see the sportsmen fighting it out in the dust. It really is a sight to behold.

These people may not fit your widely accepted criteria of genius, but they are the kind of geniuses who make you marvel at the raw talent that humans possess.

Photography By: Zubair Alam