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                 Valentine’s Day never gets the recognition it should get as a major event in everyone’s life. Even though it comes and goes on 14th of February, each year, over and over again, one just fails to notice its significance because of some pre-established propaganda and self-pity. As a guy, who is not in a relationship right now, I’m calling out to all my brethren in this sole matter of changing their point of view over this cordial little event so that we can all enjoy the bliss of feeling loved.

Who cares if you have a girlfriend, anyway? Well, I do.

The commute of gifts, candy, cards, flowers and similar conglomerate things with the valentine is a tradition to indemnify for the snafus you’ve done all through the year. Calling it a tradition would be far fetched since Valentine’s Day dates back to the fifth century. St. Valentine, as worshipped by the Roman Catholics and died around A.D 270, was known to portray two different people. History aside, Valentine’s Day, now, can be bent towards anything. A jealous girl, plausibly in a sorority, who is colluding on another one of her species, can regulate Valentine’s Day to its fullest. Valentine’s Day is capable of improving your social attire or it may lie in one’s power to strip you off your respect in the society.

Let’s face it, being single might be one of the greatest pains one may ever face in their lives. A recent survey suggested that in the US for every 86 single men there are 100 single women. Even our national gender ratio doesn’t look that merry, let alone the single men to women ones. It is natural to find guys above 18 in India who have never ever dated once in their lives! There are women who have faced such similar dilemma, but the percentages of such cases are astoundingly low compared to that of men. Again, I must highlight the word “percentage”, for many people fail to understand its significance. 




I want to put some light on few recent occurrences which have left the people of India scarred. I don’t deny that for many generations, women have been done wrong with in the name of culture. But as a being of the 21st century modern India, I feel that such forms of culture have been done away with. Rapes and honour killings have become a part of everyday news nowadays. They have dealt a great amount of affliction to both the men AND women of our country. I do not want to spark a controversy, but I have to say that the price we are paying is far greater anyone else can ever fathom. The whole world sees us as a place of men who are rapists and women who are subjugated just because few men were feeling exuberantly horny on a certain day.

Current times have changed the proper bourn of Valentine’s Day. It would be inferred to be the day to spend time with your valentine and if otherwise, the individual would known to be, as everybody quotes, ‘creepy’. Affliction is taken upon the helpless human merely following the tradition of his ancestors without any prior knowledge of its evolution. So, dire measures are taken to ensure the company on the judgment day. Not many problems occur forthwith because we’ve got applications for anything possibly required. I stumbled upon a new app that assesses your valentine’s personality and helps you decide on a surprise for the latter.

Valentine’s Day is a time for a ‘Brobdingnagian’ apology on your behalf, or do we need an app for that too. It’s time to honour St. Valentine (for those who regard), and for those otherwise, do it to ‘get some’. To counterbalance them, everybody else, let’s leave those suckers to themselves.

Valentine’s Day is NOT just for couples, it stands for anyone you love and your expression of love. So this Valentine’s day, love entirely and enjoy responsibly.

PS: Special thanks to my dear friend Tarun Sarah, who has really helped me with this article by sharing his thoughts and opinions on the current happenings and has also provided me with the statistics. He is indeed a prolific writer.