Dreamers Are Lonely

Food for Thought

Marilyn Monroe — Dreams and dreamers


          In this world of aims and ambitions about working for giant conglomerates and making a lot of money, to have a dream takes over the top courage, extra patience and blind perseverance. And I’m not talking about the kind where you’re Tony Stark, and you just have to order and assemble what you dreamt of. I’m talking about the one that’s only a seed. A seed, that you wish to nurture like your own baby, and rear into a reality. 

At some point of time in our life we have all wanted to become, to do and to make something that will last longer than ourselves. But only few have had the courage to actually make a move— Apple, Tesla, SpaceX, Snapdeal, Oyo and whatnot. And it’s not just startups, a crazy painting, a massive building, a record attempt — whatever you want, whatever you can.

The courage to stand up to the conventions of the society, and say no that conventional job, an early marriage, or just making money, shows a grit that is rather rare in today. We’re so used to the safe options that adventure to us now means playing Call Of Duty. With a return policy on almost everything, taking risks is tantamount to choosing strawberry flavour without asking someone about it first.

Say you did it. Say you stood up and everything. You decided you were going to get your shit done. That is just the first step. And no, well begun is not half done. Well begun is so far from half done that Pluto is closer. Because to wake up every day knowing that it could make or break your dream and still sticking to it takes some balls. Not letting the morning chill stop you from training, not letting a dicey investor stop you from creating, not letting someone who tells you “you’re too young” stop you from leading, imagine. There was this apt saying, “No one believes in your idea until it starts making money”. Listening to everyone say you’re going to fail, asking why you’re wasting time doing something you’re not sure you can complete, can be a pretty daunting task. And that is what sieves the quitters from the winner. Because life was always an uphill trek. And you chose the road not taken.

It’s worse if you’ve got a team to work with. Many a things can’t be done alone. You can’t be Messi without the team to back you up. You can’t be Steve Jobs with a chaiwaala as your senior manager. But as qualified as they might be, they can’t see your dream. They can’t see the sky as blue as you did, the mountain as high as you did. They know your determination, but even if they try their best, they’d never get to where you want them to be, because nothing is ever enough. And only you can see that. With the crab mentality we live in, many will try to bring you down, many will try to put you out, but you didn’t give up so far. And after a while, the others will slack off. Mustering the courage to face your team every day and telling them to get off their asses and get to work takes a patience that can only be described as Buddhist. The kind that comes after a decade of meditation. And you managed it so far.


You faced the world. You faced your parents. More than anything, you faced yourself. Every day that you look into your mirror, you convince yourself that you’re going to make it, no matter how hard the going gets, no matter who says what. And that is the soul of your dream. That is what keeps your seed, your child alive. You will have less or no friends, less or no money, less or no time. But you promised yourself you were gonna make it. And you better. Dreams have only one owner at a time. That’s why dreamers are lonely.

Photography By: Yash Mistry