A Culture That Celebrates Determination And Hard Work

Food for Thought

Hard work


                   You’re starving and ready to dig into the yummy biryani right in front of you. You scoop up as much as you can cram onto the spoon and put it into your mouth, ready to relish it, except … it’s not delicious. It’s horrendous. The salt is missing! How can you cook a dish without adding salt, the crystal of taste, to it?

Think about it. You can’t make Maggi without its masala, or a dance sequence without choreography. You can’t watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or ‘Hachiko’ without crying and you can’t stop shedding tears of joy while watching ‘Friends’. (Maybe you can and maybe that’s just me.)

Similarly, how can you plan on working on something if you aren’t doing it with complete sincerity and passion? My point is – You can’t set out to make any potion without its key ingredients of love and passion for what you’re doing, otherwise it’ll either end up tasting like a disaster or like karela juice, which is the same thing.

Of course, dedication and hard work will always pay off (at least we are told so), but you’ll also have to break the fixed deposit consisting of your zeal and enthusiasm. Without interest, there’s no love; without love, there’s no zest, and without zest, there’s just drabness and tiredness, which often leads to resentment. Anything you do doesn’t require just one ‘H’ (hard work). It requires your heart too. Unless you put your heart and soul into doing something, it’ll never materialise or achieve success. Even if it does, where’s the joy? Where will your happiness, the one key that’ll keep us content through our limited time out here, be?

I mean, c’mon, we all know why Tom never stopped chasing Jerry despite his unsuccessful attempts! That cat absolutely loved the thought of bashing him up, and that’s what kept him going. Brandon Stanton, the mastermind behind the marvellous page called ‘Humans of New York’ (on Facebook) decided to follow his avidity for photography after he lost his job, and look where he is now! He’s going on tours, has his own book now and is having a wonderful career only because he reached out for his dream and followed its trail, which opened up a path in the form of a beautiful career. This doesn’t mean that you become a stalker and sneak into SRK’s house because it’s your dream to meet him, just saying.

Hard work

Imagine that you’re in an amusement park and you’re ready to go down a water slide. You let yourself slip and go down but, ouch! There’s no water! It’s just the slide and you, bumpy and painful although it’s taking you where you have to go. Now, imagine if there really was water out there. So smooth, no butt aches or anything. That is exactly how it works. Hard work and dedication may take you to your goal - yes, it may. But it’ll be an unhappy journey unless it is accompanied by love and passion for what you’re doing.

If you feel that you don’t love or have the necessary verve for anything, well, it isn’t true. We all have thumbprints, we all breathe oxygen; we all have a kind of élan towards something, and some of us are lucky enough to find out about it in time. Also, it’s sad how this prepossessing feeling of having a strong love for something is based on the subjectivities set by society. For example, you assume that you don’t love painting enough because XYZ always gets up early in the morning to exercise. That is true passion, yours isn’t it.


It’s what gives YOU happiness and pleasure; you decide the level of your enjoyment, and not by looking at someone else’s track.

Take a look at Kanan Gill (and look again and again) and Biswa – They do what they are superbly keen about, and now they’re being paid to perform at places; they’ve made a name for themselves through the blissful way of career with components of hard work, dedication, and most importantly – love for what they do.

Another thing is that if you do have keenness for a thing, but you keep it lying around instead of doing something about it, then that’s the worst situation you can put yourself in, because letting your passion go to the dogs is like putting your inner self behind bars with your very own mind and hands.

Follow your heart; it’ll always be right. Risks will be there, but it’s better than that one question which could haunt you for the rest of your life – What if?

Let’s make the art of pursuing passion the new trend and fashion because hey, “No Zest, No Best”!